Want to be a SDMB MOD? What are John Kerry's initials?

His initials are JFK. Happy? Now will you shut the fuck up, you complete fucking twit?

Don’t worry - it’s Sunday night, so we’re probably a little short on mods. This cretin won’t be around for much longer.

EEET, no JFK is John F. Kennedy. We’ll let you try again though …

I’m not sure who I’m more excited about not posting here soon: this idiot or pizzabrat.

I’m overjoyed! :smiley:

5 will get you 10 s/he thinks Kerry’s middle name is Fitzgerald.

Nobody else wants to play? OK, I’ll go it alone: because she had finished up her work on the National Intelligence Estimate, and needed to find a new billet.

I’m really beginning to enjoy this. :smiley:

I’ll take those odds vv the MOD’s!

Yup. I’m wondering if you do, though.

Oh c’mon, was already warned, with being banned, about using his initials :smack:

I’ll type slowly[sup]1[/sup], on the off chance this is your first visit to these forums, Sally.

Liberal was referring to Bush’s idol, President Reagan, in the thread. Not John Forbes Kerry or John Fitzgerald Kennedy. You were in error and got called on it.

As regards Veb’s accusation that you are being a jerk, that was certainly true as regards your tin-eared response to being called on your error. I believe that she was in error as regards the jerkishness of your first post in that thread – specifically, she failed to consider that someone who makes simple reading comprehension errors as often and as egregiously as you do could possibly still think that she might have a contribution to make to a text-based medium. Again, assuming for the sake of argument that this is your first visit here.

The big problem is that you are very, very stupid. Read more, post less.

Oh, and pay. The hamsters are hungry.

[sup]1[/sup]: But probably still make typos.

Oooooo!! Oooooooooo!!! My turn, Sam!

Because there was a casting call for a december replacement, and she was the only one who showed up.

The “Star Axiom,” was thus realized. The realization that every answer could have one and only one correct question was a brilliant epiphany that had evaded the greatest minds of the previous millenia, but the luminary mind of Ms. Star grasped this and changed the future of logic ever more.

That’s the spirit, EddyTeddyFreddy!

How about: because, despite her superior qualifications, GWB has decided to stick with Cheney as his running mate, out of loyalty, so she had to find another spot.

You are an outright fabricator, trying to protect another MOD. Anyone here can go read the other OP. The Op ended with learning from John Kerry too …

aww, Sam and it’s not even my birthday…

Nah, it’s Francois. :smiley:




Okay, there it is. A newbie wouldn’t think of manhattan as a mod, now would s/he?

I guess my “because” this time is:

Because her puppet needed a new outfit. :wink:

ANOTHER Mod? Honey, you do know that manhattan hasn’t been a Mod for quite some time, don’t you? Of course you did. Sure. :rolleyes:

The interesting thing, though, is that you knew he was once a Mod, which means that despite your Guest status you’ve been here before. So, who are you, really? Please tell us and end the suspense. It’s not like you’re not going to get tossed or anything so it’s not like it’ll really hurt you to fess up, and now my curiosity is piqued.

WTF are close enough to his initials, you get to be an assistant MOD too!