Warehouse 13: Season 4

Warehouse 13’s fourth season premiered on Monday. Brent Spiner guest starred, as did Anthony Michael Hall, who was wrapping up his turn from last season.

It was a good episode; I think the only real problem I had with it was that, despite the depiction of a world in absolute chaos, the Warehouse personnel are still able to make tight flight connections to accomplish one hell of a lot of travel within 24 hours. Seriously, how are they getting these airline flights? I want their travel agent!

Last season’s cliffhanger (mostly) resolved, and this season’s arch established. I think. This year’s big question: just *what *has Artie unleashed? Also, Claudia better not be gone from the show!

It’s started again? I’ll have to hunt it’s listing down again - I never know when the hell that show is on, and I really enjoy it.

I didn’t like that they basically just pushed the ‘reset’ button, albeit with some ominous warnings of negative consequences to come.

Kinda the point of the Warehouse, isn’t it, that they’ll have something that will make everything magically better … except like so many genie wishes, there’s a sting in the tail.

Cat, it’s now on Mondays at 9 Eastern. Haven, alas, does not start up again until September, and I don’t know why. :frowning:

I think that they hinted pretty heavily that Claudia is what he unleashed. Or at least the manifestation of it.

They did leave it open for Spiner to come back. I think he will. They didn’t use him much.

Loach, re your spoiler. Well, yes. That was pretty blatant hinting. But just how is the question.

ETA: Also, it looks like Kate Mulgrew will be back next week. How many other former Trek actors can they get, I wonder? And will Lindsey Wagner ever return? I’ve always liked her, and I liked the relationship her character and Artie were starting to build.

Heck, I would like to have the travel agent for Spiner’s character! As fast as Artie and the rest of them managed to get themselves to the Vatican, he managed to get there so quickly that, despite getting a later start on account of being zapped with the Tesla gun, he could be there to lay in wait for them! Of course, I suppose he could have just asked O’Brien for an emergency beam-out, or he possibly used an artifact shaped like the Enterprise that enables teleporting.

He probably didn’t have to find a way to sneak in to the tomb, unlike Artie and Pete. Also, there’s good money in truffles; he probably had a private plane.

Also, didn’t he show up after they got there? They’d just figured out the doo-hickey they needed was the floor indicator on the elevator when he showed up. I think.

Bumping to remind everyone there’s a new episode tonight, this time with Pete’s mom.

He was in the preview after the episode, so he’s back at least once more.

But to me the bad news is that fucking travesty “HG Wells” looks like she may be back. God I hate her.

First- she tried to destroy the entire fucking Earth for no good reason Now sure, she recently gambled to maybe save her “friends”- but that exactly what a sociopath does. In other words, the most likely thing would be for her to destroy the earth… but save her friends in a time bubble or something. I also hate her fake british accent. Now, yes, I knwo she was born in the London area, but in all her moving around she apparently picked up that same fake british accent madonna had for a while. And, what I particually hate is the idea that because she came back and gave her brother some ideas about some fantastic things- he’s the hack and she’s the mind behind his books. Bullshit. Even assuming the universe, ideas are not what make a great book. Ideas are a dime a dozen. HG Wells was a great writer even when his books didn’t touch upon the fantastic. For example his Outline of History was sheer brilliance for his era. Real history, wrote so it was entertaining? A groundbreaking idea at that time.

The crapping on the memory of the great HG Wells is the worst part.

They set this episode in a bizarre alternate universe where apparently there’s a team in Cincinnati good enough to reach a title game! But anyway …

I actually guessed fairly early on in the episode that there would be some kind of connection to a death in a stadium. That’s when my theory was that the artifact had the ability to incite mass panic, and it would eventually turn out to be, say, a ticket stub or a program from a legendary concert disaster. I can’t say that I liked it any better when it turned out to be a Lovecraft thing. I don’t know … I guess that it seems just a little too easy somehow.

If I remember the episode correctly, *she *did all the writing. Her brother was simply the face (or the beard, if you prefer), because she couldn’t get published or taken seriously if people knew the writer was female. I think they said in the episode that her brother wasn’t all that bright (relatively speaking).

And that accent is, I believe, called Received Pronunciation. I recently worked with a man from the north of England who sounds the same way she does. It’s not fake, it’s how he was taught to speak.

As for the episode, I was getting a bit tired of the way Brother Spiner kept dancing around the question of what the evil was and how bad it was. And I kinda have to wonder … if the alternative to using the astrolabe was the entire world coming apart at the seams? The evil might not be so bad, relatively speaking.

I’m hoping they don’t overbuild this; I’m having flashbacks to the last season of Buffy when they kept building up how evil and powerful the First Evil was, and it really didn’t seem to be much of a muchness when they got to the end. I’m also a trifle perturbed at how antsy Artie is. The dude is coolness under unimaginable pressure personified for the last three seasons. He’s a former intelligence agent as well as being a Warehouse agent. How could he possibly be this wobbly?

On the flip side, the story line with Claudia and Jinks looks like it could turn damn interesting. And Jane going against the remaining regents the way she did? I’m guessing there’s not much they can do to her given she’s now wearing that bracelet, but one wonders. One wonders.

Guys, my copy of the pilot ends early.
Where can we watch it online?

Believe it or not, you can watch it free on IMDB, via Hulu. There are short ads during the episode, but they don’t last long.