Warning: approaching my 1,000th post again

The last time I achieved this mildstone (1,000 posts) SDMB crashed almost immediately afterwards.

You may think this is coincidence, but it is sort of my history.

You remember when penny stocks crashed in the early '80s? I invested in them two weeks before.

Remember the oil boom and crash in the late '80s? Another of my investments within about a week.

Tech stocks? Me too.

Oh, and yes, and last spring, part of my retirement fund was transfered to, you got it, ENRON.

Governments fall soon after I visit countries, also.

Anyway, I just felt you should be warned. (My wife has suggested that I hire myself out to our government to visit people like Sudam Hussain and Osama Bin Ladan).

I’ve drawn down my shades…and locked my doors. Folks like you should stay away from milestones. :wink:

Indeed… it’s bad karma. :wink:

You can’t give me a hint what stocks you’re holding currently?

I lost my 1000th in the Great Dope Winter, but am determined to do it right this tie. To hit 1000, I sometimes made posts I’m not proud of, posts that were completely off-topic, and posts that were just plain stupid.

This time, I’m determined to do it right. 1000 means nothing if there was no quality control.

Hey, thjat’s an idea! Quality tests for SDMB posters!
I guess what my rating would be…certainly not AAA, regarding the BS I’m posting from time to time. But may posterity decide this.

So, let me see if I understand this. We have only two TV time posts to go before everything goes kablooie?

Darn, and I’ve only just found my 1500 again. Oh, well …