Warnings on consumer products

Hello all. I once read a warning on an electric blanket that advised you not to give this appliance to a homeless person. The warning was printed on the plastic bag not the blanket itself. I thought it was so unusual that I kept the bag for ages. For some reason. I must have put it in a safe place because I can no longer find it!

Linkity-link, I think.

BTW, I have to wonder if they didn’t mean the bag instead of the blanket?
Keep away from children and homeless people.

My favorite product warning was one I saw in a men’s room, on one of those continuous towel loop things.

“Do not put head in loop.”
You just know that a drunken frat boy and a lawyer were somehow involved in that one.

I thought the warning on the peanut bag was just a grammatical one where they left out the comma.

CAUTION: Remove shell before consuming, nutmeats.

Nutmeats being the adjective.

My favorite is on the back of one of those cardboard sun protectors you put against your car windshield:

“Remove before driving”.

My favorite warning is one found on a standard curling iron:

“Do not use while sleeping”

On a sleep aid - “May cause drowsiness”

I like the bag of peanuts that says, “CAUTION: Contains nuts.”

Bic lighters warn you to not use them near any source of heat or flame. I’ve always wondered how you’re supposed to use one safely…

I love the warning on fireworks: Caution: may emit showers of sparks.

No. Shit.

My other favorite is the sticker on large plastic storage boxes, that shows a sillouhette drawing of a toddler sitting in the box with a circle slash through it. “Do not store babies in boxes,” I remind my husband.

And people wonder why English teachers are frustrated.

On a hot air blower used for stripping paint: Do not use as a hairdryer.

See The Norman Rockwell Code.

“Cape does not allow user to fly”