Warren Jeffs lip wrestling with his 12 year old bride is kind of bizarre

Photo series from the Smoking Gun Website -Warning - very high “eww” factor.

But she looks so happy!

:: Walks away slowly ::

How disgusting. The guy is a perverted, criminal ephebophile AT BEST.

Just kind of bizarre?

I just shivered in real life. Usually it’s fun to talk about how depraved and fucked up so-and-so is from whatever gossipy crazy thing just happened, but this is beyond that into “actually disturbing” territory.

Seeing those photos made me not want to know any more about those people. I don’t want to know what was wrong with them. I don’t want to know what they were thinking. I don’t want to know whether they think they’re right. I don’t want to know what happens to the kids. I just want it to go away, and I want to forget all about it.

Ugh. Those poor girls. Brainwashed from birth. Jeffs is a criminal. Ugh. I feel like I’ve just viewed child porn. Well, mild child porn, but it’s… wrong. Not expressing self well. Repulsed. Sad.

Legally… it is child porn, isn’t it?

(And if you think I’m going to click on that link…)

It’s okay, Sunspace, they’re just ordinary wedding-album photos. Oval framing, soft focus and everything. Smiling bride, proud groom with his hands around her waist, posed kiss for the photog.

…except that the brides are obviously just barely pubescent, with their little puppy-fat baby faces eerily topped by adult Prairie Schooner hairstyles.
ETA: Who’s the girl from the Little House on the Prairie series, the younger sister? Picture her, but with her hair a la Prairie Schooner, not in little-girl braids, and hugging and kissing Warren Jeffs.

We need a Mr. Yuk smilie.

“In what may be the creepiest…”

May? Did they say may?

If any doubt remained, this shatters it to hell and back.

Well, that’s sort of a relief. When the OP said ‘lip-wrestling’ and did not mention wedding pictures, I thought they might be something… worse.

Just to make it look MORE creepy, the first set of photos are labeled “First Anniversary”, so imagine that girl a year younger in her wedding photos.

And… the 3rd page is a different 12 year old girl. (first page = Loretta, 3rd = Merianne)

Wow, she’s hot.

The scary part is that without the kissing pictures, it looks more like a father and daughter. I got a bad shudder, looking at it.

Those poor, poor girls.

When I was in high school, it was common for kids (including me) to amuse themselves by searching for pictures of car wrecks, autopsies, operations, etc. on the internet. Keeping that in mind, I can honestly say that those pictures linked in the OP are one of the most disgusting, disturbing things I have ever seen online. For once, I agree with the Feds – get all the kids out of there; maybe there’s hope for some of them.

Where can I get a haircut like that?

I feel ill.

That is so sick.

:: pukes quietly in the corner ::

Parts of Utah, Arizona, Idaho, and apparently Texas.

And British Columbia, probably.

Kind of?!?

(In fairness to B.C., Blackmore’s group is a different sect of LDS that split off from the main group and appears to be much more liberal–and sane, although that’s not hard–than Jeff’s version.)