Warring Church Marquees

Yeah I know there’s a good chance they’re shopped - it’s still amusing.


This reminds me of an old National Lampoon joke about how to live a sinful life and still avoid going to hell. The plan was that you dress up in half a horse costume right before you die and St Peter will think you’re a horse that got killed in a accident. So you’ll be sent to pet heaven, which isn’t as good as human heaven but is still a lot better than hell.

That sign generator is way too much fun.


True Dat!
He died for us!


I want to know what provoked this!

Someone generated this sign and sent it a bunch of people on Rosh Hashanah.

Oh dreck!

But yeah, I did laugh.

Most people do. I’ve got a couple dozen e-mails about it; about 6 have been complaints (although even those were mostly pretty mild, along the lines of “Where is this synagogue? Why would they put up such a sign?”), the rest were from people saying that they thought it was funny and that people should lighten up.

It didn’t do anything for me one way or the other, but I can see why someone could take “shvartzeh” the wrong way.

Ryland, I just want you to know that I’ve had a heck-uv-a lot of fun with your sign generator in the past, and I was pleased to see that it was still going. Thanks for joining the board. I hope you will look around a bit and stay a while. :slight_smile:

Thanks! It’ll keep going as long as people keep looking at it, I guess.

Thank you, I expect I will.

Welcome, Ryland.

Heheheh, very good. :slight_smile: The church sign generator is fun. I could almost wish we went in for church sign more over here just for the added laughs.

Could this be explained? I don’t get it.

Shvartzeh (yiddish) = black = Obama

I think the more common spelling is schwartzeh from schwartz, meaning black.

It has not-nice connotations.

[sub]May the schwartz be wit you[/sub]

From WikiPedia

schvartze : term used to denote black people; can be used derogatorily. (from Yiddish שוואַרץ shvarts ‘black’; cf. German schwarz). (OED)

Now I want to go out to a real church sign and post the words, “Church Sign Generator.” Just to confuse things.

This would certainly save a lot of time on their part.