Was the Avenger`s face medically possible?

Back in the 1940s, one of the biggest pulp heroes was Richard Henry Benson, the Avenger. What made him memorable was his malleable face.

While Benson was in the washroom, crooks threw his wife and daughter out of the plane to their deaths, and then told him he had boarded alone. Benson went berserks, was knocked out by a fire extinguisher to the head and woke up weeks later in an altered state.

Bensons formerly black hair had turned completely white, as had the skin on his face... chalky, snow white. The muscles in his face had gone dead so that he could no longer show any expression. Weirdest of all, the texture of his facial muscles had become like puttuy so that he shape it to resemble other peoples and the new features would stay in place until he changed them. Naturally, this gave him a big advantage at disguising himself.

Anyone out there with medical knowledge who can say if this is even remotely possible? We know that hair doesnt turn white overnight, but could the skin on someones face permanently lose color by trauma?

Is there any way that facial muscles could be put into this plastic state?

It`s a vivid, dramatic image, the Avenger with his expressionless cadaver like face glaring at criminals...but is there any physiological way this could happen?