Was the Straight Dope down?

Or was it just me? I couldn’t access the main site or the SDMB until just now.

me either

It was down for me.

Finally back!

Yes it was for me.

Yet another black out!

Same here. Although http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ told me it was just me, that the site was up.

both the board and column.

It was up for me the whole time. I started new threads in every forum, and posted in every existing one. But then a few minutes ago all those threads and posts disappeared.

The actual site was up but there was a database error. That’s why you got a VB error instead of a 404 error.

I just had a white screen; most disconcerting.

I don’t **know **one way or the other, but if you look at the “last post” times in the main page for any of the well-used columns, you’ll see a gap of approx 7 hours–so the odds are pretty good, I’d say.

Yes, there was some sort of technical issue. Not sure what exactly but we’re back.

Tripolars posts were excellent, BTW. The best, in fact, I’ve ever seen of his.

Me too.

Man that felt GOOD.

Mine kept showing me a vBulletin icon telling me there’s a problem with the database.

There was NOTHING soothing about that.


Yes, the breakdown was caused by white supremacists.

The Straight Dope is always down with the street. Yo.

Our beloved creaky old board sure goes down a lot. More than any other messageboard I have ever visited, in fact. Combined.

That’s because most other boards have free membership and use the latest software, while this board has paid subscriptions and ad revenue and runs on decades old software… Wait…

…No, that’s right. It doesn’t make sense, but its right.

“Was the board down?”, like the recurring favorite “Is this a scam?”, is a thread that you kind of already know the answer to before you open it.