Watermelon: A Poll

I just finished half of a small, juicy, delicious watermelon and I became curious as to how Dopers take theirs. I like mine cold from the fridge with salt. A few years ago I heard of someone putting sugar on theirs. This seemed to me to be an abomination, but what the hay, to each their own.

So what say you Teeming Masses? Salt, sugar, or plain? Cold or room temp? Are there regional differences? I need to know. OK, not really, but I do **want ** to know.

Plain, room temperature or cold, and GIMME.

I also like to put chat masala on mine, but I don’t do this in public, since it smells funny to lots of non-Indians. At home, though, YUM.

Don’t care about temp, but I think they do lose some flavor if refrigerated too long. I’m a big fan of salt, but I don’t do it all the time.

Plain and cold is best. Second choice: plain and room temperature. I’ve never put salt or sugar on it (just because no one I know did), and now I don’t have any plans to try it, cuz I’m supposed to watch both.

Plain for me. Usually it’s cold, because I’ve stored it in the fridge, but I’m okay with room temp, too.

Whenever I hear about salted watermelon I think I should try it. But, when I actually have watermelon in front of me, all I can think about is eating it. :slight_smile:

Another plain and cold, here. We finally got watermelon in at work for the fruit we give with the kid meals, so everyone has been snacking on it. The kitchen manager knows to always order extra watermelon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good thing he’s a cool guy and doesn’t mind.

Cut that thing and hand me a fork. Or even better, hand me the big slice and let me take it outside, so I can spit the seeds. The only thing coming back is the light green and the dark rind. My mom always cut a watermelon into wedge slices, so everybody got part of the middle and part of the end. Easy to hold and bite into.

I will occasionally put a bit of salt on it, but usually just plain.

OK, I now need to try this.

Cold or room temperature with salt and cracked black pepper. I’ve also eaten it with some really quality mixed olives on the side. Believe it or not, olives and watermelon seem to have an unusual affinity.

None for me…more for you. I don’t actively dislike it; it just doesn’t taste like much of anything to me.

Is that with black salt? Kala namak and hing were the only spices I could never, ever get used to in India.

Chat Masala:

Kala namak I usually put on my cantaloupe, actually.

Interesting results so far. I will try some cracked pepper on the other half.

Room temp and au natural.

Cold, with salt, orally.

Oh, and hing isn’t my favorite, either. It’s used predominantly by merchant castes, who aren’t supposed to eat garlic or onions. When cooked, it starts to smell like sauteed garlic & onions, and thus adds flavor.

I, being mixed caste and thoroughly irreverent anyway, love onions and garlic.

I like it cold. Ate it with salt when I was a kid but plain now.

If you cut it before putting it in the fridge, the natural sugars rise to the top and the first bite, with all that concentrated natural flavor and sweetness, is about the best thing your taste buds can ever experience.

The trade-off is that the stuff closer to the rind is pretty bland.

I’m in your camp lobotomyboy63. Not a big fan. The only way I’ll eat it is ice cold right out of the fridge as it’s solely to quench my thirst. If it sits out for more than a minute I won’t touch it.

Any and all. I just ate a big hunk with … lessee, “black lava sea salt from Hawaii.”

No watermelon at all. Can’t stand the stuff – sugared, plain, slathered in BBQ. My favorite is thrown off a bridge. Really! I never liked it as a kid, either.