"We couldn't refrain from asking....Is there intellegent life in Iceland?

Somebody please tell me if the following retorical questions have a place in the GQ forum:

If Iceland is such a Utopia why are they members of the evil North American Treay Organization? Why did their representative vote for the bombing?

How can a nation like Iceland have any self respect if they can’t even defend themselves with their own army? Why must America do it for them?

Aren’t Icelanders today responsible for all the rape, plunder, and pain inflicted by their Viking anscestors? (I’m of Irish desent and have blonde hair. I personally blame Thorwhatsit for the rape of my great-great-great-great-great-etc grandmother!)

I don’t care where you are from, such ill-informed retorical questions put in such terms are just rude.

Thorwhosit riles up the worst nationalistic feelings in people like me. And I don’t like it. I have better things to do than to justify the actions of the greatest democracy on Earth to an ignorant troll.

However, we let him bait us, and then after everybody jumps to defend the flag and attempts to make him understand our point of view, he congradulates himself for spurring a useful debate. If he is taking his cue from the lighthearted exchanges on the War of 1812 thread, he failed miserably. It’s obvious to me that Thormacallit has neither the wit, finesse, style nor intelligence for such an exchange.

In the greatest traditions of Thoramajig I ask the following:

Hey Thor! Do you still beat your wife?

Papa, I think I love you! smooch!
Oops – I forgot this was the BBQ Pit:
Thor – you’re a twit. kick in the butt


Full of 'satiable curtiosity

Just to remind you off one thing, Papabear. NATO does not stand for North American Treaty Organization, but North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

I think Iceland voted on the bombing to show unity within NATO.

Iceland has never had an army. Nevertheless Iceland has never lost a war. Iceland was at war with the Brittish in the 60’s and 70’s, when Iceland decided to expand their national waters to 200 miles. It was called the Cod war. Iceland had no warships, but won all the same. Now every country on this planet benefits from Icelands victory, which was won without a single drop of blood being shed.

As for the Vikings. They were among the finest artists the world has ever known. Many sagas and poems still exist from that time, and were surprisngly all written by an Icelandic viking named Snorri Sturluson. It is no coincident that a whole era of human history has been named after the vikings. Their ships and seamanhip was unparalleled at that time. It was the year 1000 AD that an Icelandic viking named, Leifur Heppni Eiriksson, or Leif the Lucky Ericsson, discovered Vinland(Wineland) which today is refered to as America.

Papabear; I dont think you are being very subjective. Your ignorance, and rage reveal you to be quite naive.

Excuse my spellig. English is my second language and I don’t have a spellchecker.

Greetings, Hoe.

correct me if I’m wrong (as I’m sure you will), but I think papabear’s point was that those types of questions serve no purpose other than to piss people off…they are inflamatory and full of half-truths, or at least truths twisted to show things in the worst possible light. I think he was trying to say that questions put in that way (as were a few of Thor’s questions) have no place on this message board.

Hoe - You have read my entire post out of context. I was illustrating the absurdity of Thor’s anti-Ameican posts by doing the same in respect to Iceland. Read the opening sentence. Clearly my opinion is; no, they are not appropriate, logical, or objective questions. My only ignorance is in expecting people to carefully read what I have written! I await an apology (but I won’t hold my breath)

Thanks, Yep! I’m glad someone got it.

well I see you found yourself a new site to hide in.
If you rise above your nationalism for a sec you would soon discover that I was not attacking “The Greatest Democracy On Earth” but merely pointing out that their might be a problem or two in your foreign polecy among other things.
I 'm also gonna point out that your question has nothing in common with mine. For ins. I never asked how your wife was doing (barking I guess)

I can’t recall having attacked you personally, but wherever I post a topic you show up and insult me.

So let’s keep up the fun.


Your just not worth the trouble, Thor.

Then butt of Kid!!!

Okay, Thor.

Here’s the deal. Your grasp of English is not firm enough to comprehend any of the points I’m making. Maybe you are not a troll. Maybe you are just linguistically tactless.

Perhaps logic gets lost in the translation. I don’t know. I have no confidence that my own facility for other languages could pass muster on anything above a tourist level.

I don’t think you are equipted to engage in any kind of usefull debate in English. You misinterpret what others post and you’re own posts are often baffling (but of Kid?). Any idioms or cultural references are lost on you. (“Do you still beat your wife” is an oft used example of an unfair question.

I’m sorry you feel I am picking on you. You said things that I couldn’t let stand. Hypocrasy of the sort you were posting will almost always be met with sarcasm and assumptions about your intelligence.

I will no longer try to explain to you why your posts are offensive. Without first understanding the most basic nuances of the language I feel that is impossible. Let me just state that they are offensive. In the future you should probably try discussing such topics in a forum that uses a language you are more familiar with.

SHAME on you, Pb, for hiding here in the BBQ pit in hopes the Thormagummy couldn’t find you!

I, for one, am perfectly willing to forgive your spellig. However, at this time I am unable to overlook the fact you have named yourself after a gardening implement.

Dear Nickrz

For the record: I am NOT THOR. Although THOR has used my computer to access this site, I want you to know I am a seperate entity. THOR introduced me to this site and I find it entertaining and interesting.

Be well, Hoe.

PS: As for the name, it’s my middle name, Hoe, originated in France. I am a Hugenot.

THOR – NOW you say:

“Merely pointing out” a “problem or two” my Aunt Fanny! You come in here and post questions that are provacative and hostile and then act surprised that people tell you to get stuffed. To then act like you HAVEN’T been a troll indicates that you are stupid as well as ill-mannered. And I wouldn’t pick a fight with PapaBear if I were you; he is merely making points that MANY of us are in absolute agreement with, and attacking him is an invitation to have a lot of other people join in kicking your ass. How old are you, anyway? Because your posts indicate you’re about fourteen.

Gosh… I like you people!!

Your so hmmmmm


Thor, just get you feeling international…Here is an ex-patriate Finlander, who currently waves around a Canadian flag…just happen to think that yep, you must be a true bonafide putz…

Cogito Ergo Vroom
I think therefore I ride fast…

I used to be proud of my viking ancestry, but after reading the posts from Thor "then butt of kid"Leifer and Hoe… I’M SO ASHAMED!


I don’t care about the Iceland shit, but I consider myself an educated Troll, so leave the Trolls alone.Unfortunate how “troll” became such a negative term in the discussion boards.


Is that yoda-ese for small?

Alright! I am Darth Vader. Hugenot is a secret word for a Dark Lord of the Sith. I wouldn’t give a wookies ass about intelligent life of this puny planet in this slum of the galaxy.

Having said that, I’m afraid I’ll have to turn all of you to the Dark Side. Maybe you can explain yourselves to the Emperor when he arives.

The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am.

I think I know why Thor dislikes America. The vikings were probably the first Europeans to reach the Americas. Lief Ericson and some other vikings made it to North Eastern Canada before Columbus sailed in 1492, but the Vikings were unable to establish settlements.

So, Thor probably wishes America had become Viking colonies instead of English colonies. Then he wouldn’t need to learn English. Also, the Minnesota Vikings are upset they didn’t make it to the Super Bowl last year. There is a lot of frustration about America among Thor and Scandinavian people.