We just got THE phone call!

My sister is on the way to the hospital. Baby’s on its way! dances around the room

Hurray!!! Congrats on being on the verge of aunthood. It is the best!

I saw the title of the thread, I thought you were somebody’s lifeline, and Regis was callin.


Oh, and congrats to you and your sister.

Auntie Kat, has a nice ring to it.

Geez! I don’t think I can take much more joy!

Congrats, Aunt Kat! :smiley:

Man, they’re everywhere right now!

'Grats to you and yours!

Congrats! Let us know boy or girl. Thinking happy thoughts for the health of mother and child.


The title had me worried. Whenever I got The Phone Call, it was extremely bad news.

oooooooh… leetle keeties… ooooooooh… congrats!

how many were in the litter? :smiley:

Yeah, me too. For good calls you don’t capitalize “THE.” THE calls are about death.

But, now that my heart is back in place, congrats!

Just one, far as we know.

Latest news: They gave her an epidural, said that it looks like it’s going to be a long night, and that we should try to get some sleep.

Sorry, but I think some folks have got THE phone call confused with The Phone Call. :wink:

Like, groovy. Conkatulations.

He was born at 6:13 this morning. 8 lbs 6 oz and 20 inches long. And his name is Trevor James.

Congrats, Aunt Kat!

Thanks. He’s adorable. No pictures available for display yet, but he’s got brown hair and a scrunchy red face.

Congrats. 10 fingers and toes? Mom is doing well? Have you seen the little guy yet? Newborns are really amazing…

…is, of course, the contest to chose your nephew’s Straight Dope Member Name !!! Of COURSE he won’t be able to post for 6 or 7 years ( since he is related to you, we know that by the age of 7 he’ll be articulate far beyond anything seen in posts by, say, dalovindj, etc.) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

So, I hereby semi-hijack this thread and in a celeberatory gesture befitting the occasion, start the Kat’s Nephew’s Member Name Contest. Howzabout…**



Felicitous Feline


Earthly Trevors :wink:

Kat’s little T.J.

La Petit Enfant

Scrunch-Face and the Poopsters

Daybreak Bebe **

and so on. :slight_smile:

Mazel Tov, Kat !!! :slight_smile:


Fabulous! Great news! Welcome to the world, Trevor.

Congrats to you. too, Auntie Kat.

Yep, all his fingers and toes are there. We saw him yesterday afternoon–everyone, including the engaged couple, was late to my brother’s wedding shower yesterday, as we all had to go visit mommy and baby at the hospital. My brother-in-law has several dozen pictures on the digital camera, so I have to see about convincing him to email me some. It looks like there’s a pretty good chance he’ll be going by T.J., at least from his dad. :wink:

Best wishes for the new addition to the fold.


Too bad about the forum choice. This is neither Mundane NOR Pointless. This belongs in the EASIMS. (Extremely Awesome Stuff I Must Share.)

YAY!!! :smiley: