We only went to PetCo for rabbit food...

We brought home rabbit food and a rescued kitten!

Tiger & Chippie have investigated each other a couple times but otherwise they’re being standoffish. Not sure if Tiger has eaten or used the litter since bringing him home last night.

Our financial situation is much better now, with me typically working an extra 20 hours per month.

Ah yes, I’ve “looked” at kittens who need homes too.

Thanks for helping the little monkey. :slight_smile: I’d love to see pictures of kitty and bunny together!

If both stay still long enough… :slight_smile:

My husband gets really nervous if we happen to mosey into Petco on adoption days. He really doesn’t need to worry - I don’t want more than 2 cats because I don’t have places I’m willing to give up to litter boxes. If he didn’t have his workshop set up in the basement, it might be a different story, but downstairs is a no-kitteh-zone.

Still, I have to check out all of the kittehs and I wind up dropping a donation into the rescue jars. I loves me some kittehs!

What an awesome-looking little guy! He reminds me of Butch when he was a kitten…


Thank you for adopting a rescue - he’s a handsome boy!

As I type this, Tiger is on my shoulder, eating a bowl of warm moist & dry food.

I love teh kitteh!

p.s.** Lute**, you may want to change the date on your camera. :stuck_out_tongue:

A.C.'s camera. I only know how to press the button and get pictures off it. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I have no idea what the date is on my own camera, for that matter. I just noticed it on your pic; after the move, guess I will have to change that on mine, too. :slight_smile:

And the kitty is really lovely; hope you enjoy Tiger as much as we enjoy ours :slight_smile:

Double plus 100 for posting pics of rabbit + kitty!

Need to remember to be alert when opening the fridge with Tiger around. He likes to jump in and poke around.

Yay for rescued critters! :smiley:

Tiger came from Last Chance.

With bunny.

That a huge bunny!!

I’m still on my quest to get a kitty but with my boyfriend’s allergy and our 3 dogs, I don’t think I’m going to win this one. :frowning:

Muahaha…love the evil bunny look, and the look that Tiger is giving him says “Just you wait, I’m going to eat you for a snack when I get bigger!”

Exactly what I was thinking…

Just came back from Tiger’s first vet visit. Unplanned but fortunately the local animal hospital was able to fit him in. The vet says he has some sort of brain disorder, possibly caused by an ear infection. A few drop in his ears and, although he’s still having trouble with rear end alignment, he’s doing much better. Eyes are steady, not darting around like they had been.

Tiger’s paperwork says he was treated for ear mites nearly two months ago.

We think Tiger has Feline Vestibular Syndrome, an inner ear problem that tends to occour in summer. The vet didn’t notice any ear infection when she checked his ears so chances are that, if we’re correct, it should go away on its own.