Web sites you would like to see

My idea …

A “user review” site for profiles on match.com, where you could comment on dates or correspondence you’ve had with other members. Ever been stood up on an Internet-arranged date, or had a date misrepresent themselves? Such a site owuld be the place to go to find out … well, reviews of people.

Let’s hear yours!

I can’t think of my own at the moment, but I completely agree with yours. :slight_smile:

This may exist already, I don’t know.
A site where you can download reruns of your fave tv shows. particularly sitcoms.

How about a site that makes insurance companies and credit agencies accountable for their actions? A sort of consumer’s guide to being screwed as lightly as possible.

Maybe a secure site that tracks public opinion on matters that might be on ballots?

Oh, I’m sure it already does.

I’d like to see a website for books like imdb.com. One where I can search for a book by author, title or characters…mainly because I have books that I cannot remember the title or author of, just the character names.

It’d be a major project to even attempt something like that, though.


Have you ever tried to find a school friend who is a woman? It is hard enough to find guys, but at least you can Google their name…but what about a woman who has been married, or is married, and has changed her name?

Granted, not all women would particularly like to have people find them, but you would think some would not mind listing their email address for friends who might like to get in touch.