Web space?

Is there anywhere that gives you free or cheap webspace independent of your ISP?

My ISP is AOL (which is a bag of wank but I persivere because I get free-phone-call access, and I am too lazy to try other ISPs) It only gives me 2MB of webspace which is utterly pathetic, especially in these days of broadband access.

So I was wondering if I could get webspace that I could download and upload to while dialled into AOL, and which I can own without having to sign up for an ordinary ISP account with whoever offers it. (However if it is free or cheap enough I wouldn’t mind signing up proper). And also, which doesn’t have f*&%^$G popups (the second most evil thing in the internet world)


There is no free webspace that you don’t “pay” for. Usually in pop ups or ads placed on your page.

Try checking this site.


Also it’s good to have generous friends.

Brilliant! Thanks.

For the pointless sake of it, here is my 2MB webpage

you can also try


There are many places you can buy a decent-sized webpage for around $10 (or even less) a month. You can buy a domain name through many registrars for around $10-15/year. A lot of hosts even offer package deals for the domain/space.

I’d get a cheaper ISP, and then just buy yourself a domain and some place to host it.

The added benefit is that you can be you@yourdomain.com, and you could switch ISPs once a week and everyone would still know your e-mail address because it would never change.

lobley, you can have up to 7 AOL screen names, right? Each one of those can hold 2 MB. Dude, you can have up to 14MB web space if you want!

You can just make your main homepage under your main screen name, and when those 2 MB are filled up, just make more pages under another screen name, and link there to & from the main home page.

Forget that crummy “1-2-3 Publish” or whatever they use for total newbies to put together pages. Learn your own HTML, and go to the keyword “MY FTP” to upload your pages. That’s the only way to really get it right.

Speaking of which: AOHell has been tinkering with their FTP stuff, and they broke something there, so we temporarily can’t upload. Been like that for at least a couple weeks now. I e-mailed Help today and they apologized and said they’ll fix it soon. :rolleyes: So please stand by.

One more hint: If they get you to join “AOL Hometown,” you get a whopping 12 MB in your space—84 MB in all! The catch is, they stick a permanent ad banner at the top of your screen. Even if you enter the URL starting with http://members.aol.com/lobley/, it will be automatically changed to http://hometown.aol.com/lobley, and that cheezy ad banner will be a fixture, like it or not.

But Jomo is clever. Jomo found a workaround. :smiley: <rubbing hands> ha haa!

All you have to do is insert into the URL the following magical characters after aol.com and before your screen name:


So the URL http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/lobley/ will remain free of the dorky ad banner! Hooray!

I do use a third party ftp app.

I already knew that I could use the space of the other screen names but knew it would be a logistical pain in the arse to use it all.

And I can use AOL’s uploader if I start up AOL 7 (I use AOL 6 mostly because it’s exactly the fucking same and it doesn’t crash)

Thanks for you reply, I know it looks like I am being argumentative, but it’s nothing personal. I happen to think it’s rather too long-winded to mess about with extra screen names, urls and hometown, I am lazy enough as it is, I have just about enough motivation to do it all straightforwardly, I don’t have enough motivation to mess about.

ANd in answer to the guy who said there are no free webspace without ads and popups 1) follow the link of the first guy to reply and 2) my other ISP has 15 mb with no ads and no popups, but I don’t use it because I need to be dialed into that ISP to access it via ftp, and that means I need to pay for phonecalls.