Wedding Dance

Ok, so I have been putting it off for too long. My daughter is getting married on July 1, and I need enough instruction to look less than retarded during my required dance with her. All the dance places want you to sign up for mucho lessons, something I have neither the time nor desire for. I was looking up DVD’s on Amazon, figured that could get me through. Does anyone have any recommendations, either of DVD’s or something else I haven’t thought of?

Where do you live? A good dance studio should never push you to sign up for a lot of lessons, but be aware that if you want to be confident on the dance floor with your daughter you’ll need more than the ten minute run-through. My boyfriend and I have been taking ballroom lessons and really enjoying it, at a small local studio. I really think there’s no substitute for a real teacher - I’ve looked at a few DVDs and books, and while the books are useful to me after having the real live lesson I can’t imagine that you could learn to be really comfortable for a dance without a teacher. Do you have any friends who dance?

You have some really severe time constraints here.

Do you want to learn some particular dance or just the usual hold-hands-and-go-across-the-floor generic stuff? Thie last may be possible, but again, given the time you have, I would definitely suggest as many lessons with a live instructor as you can get.