Weeds: Final Season Starts Sunday On Showtime!

The final season of Weeds starts this Sunday on Showtime.
There have been some ups and downs with this series, but mostly “ups” for me…and I will be interested in seeing how they wrap this show up.

Will Nancy and the kids walk off, happily into the sunset or will everything crash and burn in the end? That is one of the beauties of this show - you never know where it is going to turn and go.

Yes, it is a tad over-the-top, but I have grown to like the characters and yes, even Nancy in her own weird way.

So, the final 13 episodes of Weeds…place your bets on how it ends!

I stopped watching a quarter of the way through last season. The only character I like anymore i Andy. I am really hoping everything crashes and burns for them.

Just saw a promo for the first time. It’s annoyingly spoiler-rich.

Well, I thought it was over. The last season seemed forced, so I don’t have great hopes for another one. It must be tough to try and jump the previous episode’s shark every week.

I love this show and think the Nancy character is the best character on TV. And yes, I have had many arguments over this and Breaking Bad/The Wire/Six Feet Under etc. fans.

Part of me wonders if the show will end with Nancy flat broke aqnd with no resources, almost a circling back to the beginning?

What did everyone think?

I was happy to have “Little Boxes” back as the opening theme, and enjoyed the animated history of the show. Interesting start to the season with some really good performances and some funny lines. I also liked the reveal of who the shooter was.

I really liked the new intro too. The rest? It was better than I feared, not as good as I hoped.

I wonder if they’re going to go back to having “Same song/different singers” for it each week.

I was surprised Andy never even mentioned that he’s Jewish when talking to the rabbi. (Didn’t Andy even briefly consider rabbinical studies at one point?)

Favorite moment was the family rattling off the lists of suspects in her shooting, some of whom even they had forgotten.

I thought the season before last, when they were on the was by far their best. That was also the one where you really grasped that Nancy was broken before her husband died. It sort of brought to mind Bill’s “the difference in Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne is…” speech from KILL BILL 2; Nancy wasn’t an upper middle class suburban housewife and mom who became a sociopath and criminal due to desperate times but a criminal and sociopath who had a temporary sojourn as an upper middle class housewife and mom.

Shane may have some hope. Silas too if Nancy would die, but that’s out. It’s amazing how broke she always is considering she’s been in bed both literally and occupationally with the biggest drug kingpins; I liked the episode when Shane told her “You’re not a bad mom because you’re a drug dealer, you’re a bad mom because you’re a baddrug dealer.”

Since Nancy’s the most despicable mother ever to be a main character on a TV series, and Frank Gallagher is the most despicable father ever to be a main character on a TV series, and both shows are on SHOWTIME, maybe she and Frank will get together and by being the Osiris and Isis of all Trashy People they’ll open some kind of vortex that will take the trashy people back to their own dimension. Though of course they won’t stay there.

I didn’t realize it was coming to an end, hopefully it will end better then recent shows, i.e. Lost, Desperate Housewives and Entourage!

At least the not pulling the plug like Flash Forward and The Event!

I really liked the episode. Loved the fake-out with the pointer thingie and then there being a shot anyway. (If that even makes sense.) Also loved Andy fucking Nancy’s sister while mourning her at the same time. Loved the rabbi sequence and the sequence when Silas and Shane are talking over Nancy about the police academy and who could have shot her.

I’ve stuck by this show through thick and thin and I was pleasantly surprised with this first episode of the last season.

I liked the animated credits also. And the weird thing was that despite Nancy being shot in the head, the episode seemed much lighter than some in earlier seasons. (Particularly, for instance, the ones involving the torture and murder of the DEA agent.) I’ll miss this show when it’s gone.

A good first episode.
They mentioned the possibility of brain damage several times…are they foreshadowing a major personality shift in Nancy?

I was sort of hoping the last show would be the day weed is legalized in California and they become the founding family of pot in California - sort of like the Gallos to wine…

And, OK…I am dense, but I still didn’t recognize the shooter…could someone explain exactly who that was in a spoiler box?

He was the son of Nancy’s second husband, a DEA agent. He competed against Shane in karate. See this article from Wikipedia for more details.

Thanks - that storyline totally escaped me, and to be honest, is still a bit foggy but I sort of remember a bit of it now.

I think it was from the first or second season.