Weeds series finale

Weeds hasn’t gotten much love the last couple of years but some have probably stuck around.

Last night’s one-hour ep was great…especially the final scene.

There were some nice moments, and yeah - the final scene was kind of sweet - but I was not whelmed.

For a series finale, it was OK - but it just seemed to be lacking any great surprises, far too much about Esteban (sp?) Jr. and Doug’s cult was mildly amusing, but got sort of tired really fast.

So although I am sad to see the series end, I can’t say the ending was all that great and maybe it was time to put this series to bed.

I’ve watched most of the episodes. I’m going to miss Weeds and Mary-Louise Parker.

How’d you feel about the series and ending? Eight seasons is a long run these days.



Hated the Shane stuff, I would have liked to see him better off. Loved Silas and the fact that Andy is at peace. But my main critique: they spent WAY to much time on Doug and his son. Who cares! And to bring Conrad back for the second before last episode and then not for the finale. Boo! Honestly, when I really think about it, I was unhappy with most of it. I liked the end with the joint tho.

They should have ended it two seasons ago at the airport. Would’ve been a spectacular series finale!

I liked it. The fast forwarding, and Nancy sort of reaping what she has sown, worked for me.

There were a few lol moments… I’m glad it was an hour.

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Hated it. I’m going to stop watching the show.

I’ve always liked the show and liked the final episode. It was nice, in that it showed each character ending in a good place, with the big exception of Celia Hodes (Elizabeth Perkins’ character). I wonder how much animosity there must have been for her not to appear. (I mean even Josh Wilson showed up, and he only appeared in the pilot episode.)

I liked the last episode. I’m sort of glad they focused on Stevie as much as they did because otherwise he would have been a character who was relevant for like 3 episodes (as an infant that caused problems with Esteban) and that was it.

I liked where everyone wound up and I am glad that Silas’ wife is mad at Nancy. Someone has to be. Well I guess Shane is too.

I don’t “like” where Shane ended up but it does make sense that he got fucked up in the end. So I like what the writers did with him.

Alexander Gould (Shane) is only 18 IRL. I am sort of tickled that we were able to watch him grow up “naturally.” It was funny seeing him with a mustache - they had to do something to make him look older! After I watched Weeds last night, I was watching the new (remade from the UK) show The Inbetweeners and one of the kids on that show is a 24 year old portraying a 15/16 year old. I just found that an interesting juxtaposition.

Nice touches on their vision of the 5-years-from-now future technology, too. And hope that weed will be legal by then but not in all states.

Oh come on. This show had nothing to do with the storylines. If they wanted to make a special called Weeds: 5 Years Later, that would be fine. But it’s not an ending. Same stupid idea used on Mad About You.

I thought it was a good finale. It was amusing how they even brought Andy’s dad back into the storyline (not physically). Also Stevie finding out about his father was great. I am curious about why some characters were not brought back (they even gave the shooter kid redemption!).

But I do have a question: what was she to do at the end? After Andy’s refusal and then pep talk about doing what she wants or somesuch, she decides to sell the business. But why? Where is she going? I totally missed it, and didn’t really see what the next step was.

Kind of liked it was left open-ended. She was going to be enormously wealthy ( even wealthier ) and basically on her own. Probably a recipe for disaster unless she truly has mellowed out a bit with age. But we have no reason to see rich-elderly-crazy-Nancy, her menagerie of 37 cats ( “I just rescued one and they seemed to multiply!” ) and her aging beaus that are the assorted husbands of her neighbors. Good enough place to end the series.

All in all a reasonably solid end to a series that may have wandered a bit erratically at times, but always held my interest.

She sold it because she has nothing to hold on to. Silas is off with his own family. Shane’s too fucked up and doesn’t really want his mom’s help. Stevie’s going off to boarding school (and seriously, has any kid ever been happier to go to boarding school in the history of boarding schools?). So who’s left of her family? Andy. She knew that when she was offered to sell. She didn’t because it was a bargaining chip to get Andy back. She was literally willing to give him everything she owned for companionship and when that failed, there was no more family and no more need for the business. Sell it. Burn it down. What did she care? She’ll just move on.

I did not like it…not one little bit. They fast forwarded five years and yet they show Nancy going nuts over whether Andy will show at Stevies do. I think if she was that worried about Andy and his lack of involvement in her life she would have done something a lot sooner. It was just a poor ending with absolutely no imagination in it whatsoever.

The last season just came to Netflix streaming recently, so I finally got to watch it. I was a bit underwhelmed by the finale. I would have liked a more positive ending for Nancy. Also, I agree with those that didn’t care about the Doug stuff. I never cared about Doug and would have been fine with them killing him off years ago.

My favorite part was the bit about how the Rabbi died. I guess Andy was wrong about the bears in the Torah not being literal.

I have to say my favorite line was when the little girl at her Bat Mitzvah said, “I don’t think I’M Jewish either! I’m CHINESE!”

I found this show interesting how long it took to realize Nancy was basically Walter White’s soulmate.

Very true, though perhaps in reverse. Turns out Nancy was pretty much always fucked up, from her teenage years on up. When she got married she seems to have “broken good” for several years, trying to be a better person. But once her husband died she started back-sliding into the heinous adrenalin-junkie she had always been.

Walter White may have always had those deep-seated issues with anger and thwarted ambition, but it looks like he had a lid on them most of his life and went through his days as basically a decent guy. Then circumstances conspired to bring out the darker side of his personality and down he went.