WEEDS season finale with open spoilers

Open spoilers after OP in case somebody didn’t get the point.

Wowzers. It is picked up for Season 7, but that could have been the way to end the series IMHO.

O Silas, I’d like to comfort you. O yes I would.

I thought this was their best season by far. The absence of Celia Hodes and the other Agresticans (or, now, REgresticans) added rather than subtracted; I like Kevin Nealon but I thought Doug’s episodes were strictly “he has a contract and we’ve gotta pay him” moments and I was glad when he went home. Also this season was far more about the characters and less telenovela and “Ain’t suburbanites dysfunctional implosions just waiting to happen?” moments.

Good character development this season and this episode. I was glad to see Shane so upset at the notion of losing his mommie since it shows there is still a teenager in there. Andy actually stays off the weed a while and acts the dad, and Silas became the good kid instead of just Andy and Doug’s acolyte in Fuck-Upedness. I was actually hoping he’d get to stay with his “sperm daddy” but I knew it wasn’t to be as it would give Esteban too much leverage.

The end surprised me. I figured something in that general vein was coming but I was expecting Nancy to freak out in the airport since she had nothing to lose by causing a scene. I’ll admit I hadn’t guessed how formulated Plan C was.

The final scene had a Tarantinoesque feel to it, I think largely because of the music. Good directing all around in this episode, and for the first time I kind of liked Andy. Also interesting how as much of a clusterfuck as she has made her own life and her family’s that Nancy really is a mother lioness.

Thoughts on this episode or the season in general? Or where you’d like to see it go other than lots more gratuitous Hunter Parrish nudity (which I hope goes without saying)?

And for some reason I loved it when Shane says “Shut the fuck up Lars Guinard”, or the way they all referred to him as Lars Guinard. That actually I think showed one of my favorite things about the season which is- they bond through need and become a closed entity as they locked shields. They emanate, as do certain subsets of my own family, “We don’t dislike or even necessarily distrust outsiders but please know that you will never under any circumstances be one of us and in the event of a showdown twixt you and any member of us please know that who is ethically in the right is a matter of trivia for future discussion at best because we will take you down in a heart beat and worry about rights and wrongs later”. (This was a pattern in subsets of my own family and one of my favorite aspects of my favorite Anne Tyler novels.)

And have I mentioned that I think Hunter Parrish is beautiful and really wouldn’t mind snuggling up to him in a bed where both of us are naked and then wrestling perhaps? I would drink that boy’s bathwater.

I wasn’t expecting it either but I think that “plan c” meant “confess” [to the police]. I thought that she’d just take the baby from Esteban and get on the plane. (What could he have done at that point?) Also, I was kind of surprised that Guillermo was cooperating with Esteban, as I thought Guillermo was sympathetic to Nancy. BTW, there’s a nice write-up of the episode and the sixth season on The Onion’s A.V. Club website.

I really liked this season, even though it started off a little slow in spots.
The ending was excellent - off to Europe with a nice chunk of change, Nancy and hubby in FBI custody - good set up for the next (final?) season.
This is a great series that I think will someday become even more popular as people start watching the DVD’s or repeats.

Guillermo blames Nancy, with good reason, for his time in prison. He just isn’t the sort of villain who rants and raves about such things - it’s what makes him dangerous.

I liked the season generally, but I have a hard time caring about most of the cast when the Botwin clan has become almost uniformly loathsome. Silas is the only one I don’t hate, and I was disappointed that he didn’t stay with his bio dad.

But in general, I thought the season did a good job of exploring what Nancy had gotten, and continued to get, her family into, with it all ultimately catching up to her in a fairly violent and gruesome manner.

I was sad to lose Celia, just as I was disappointed to lose Conrad and Halia a couple season back. Doug is the third-stringer I find consistently least funny (probably a result of having never found Kevin Nealon funny, ever) and I thought that his bits this season were typically lame.

I have no idea how next season is going to play out.

My guess would be that Nancy will sing like a selective canary, trading certain omissions that would implicate Esteban for the guaranteed safety of her sons. Guillermo is probably toast as somebody from the Mexican side will need to take a fall and he’s already got experience as a felon, and she’ll have to give them something on Esteban but can probably give tax evasion and misdemeanor style stuff (plus a Mexican governor would be too hot potato for the U.S. to want to convict him anyway probably) and pin the really bad things on Pilar who was guilty in the first place and already dead anyway.

Frankly I think the baby should go to Esteban as
1- He’s Esteban’s main concern, not revenge
2- Esteban’s probably a better father than Nancy is a mother (the fact he’s a drug cartel lord doesn’t mean he’s going to raise his son to be and this is a woman who went on the lam with a kid whose diapers she rarely changes and who has no medical coverage or believable ID)
3- I don’t think Nancy even particularly likes the kid (there’s never been much of a bonding moment)

I think 7 should be the final season- it’s run its course. Would love to see Lupita and Halia come in as surprise witnesses somehow though. Personally I think a Halia spin-off would have been better than the last couple of seasons before this one.

Pretty good ending. My friend pointed out that they should have gone to a non-extraditing country with Shane, and then Nancy could say that no, she didn’t kill Pilar but Shane did but sorry he’s holed up somewhere else.

I would assume Denmark will extradite to the US, right? No one in the EU will extradite if the death penalty is on the table but there wouldn’t be any death penalty for a 15 year old kid…

I totally agree that Nancy should have just left Stevie with Esteban, but it seemed like maybe Esteban was making it clear to her that she wasn’t allowed to leave? Or was she actually being all “lioness” with Stevie?

My friend and I joke that Nancy has a Magic Pussy. Any time she needs or wants something she just “whips it out” (as it were) and everything goes her way.

By far her most effective talent has been her ability to beguile males - all males, including her sons. And though it borders on the ridiculous at times, you can still see it. She’s charming, sexy and up for anything.

I actually rather like what has been done with her character. Even in season 1 you can see hints of how she wasn’t the greatest, nicest or, especially, the smartest person around. In fact she’s an excellent example of a “half bright” person. Clever, but not cunning. Sharp, but not thoughtful. She’s just smart enough to get interesting inspirations, but far too incautious and haphazard to execute them without falling on her face. Further she very clearly thinks she’s smarter than she is, which is quite realistic given her other character weaknesses. I like how it has slowly become clear that she is a monstrously selfish, manipulative, narcissistic adrenalin junkie. And this season really made it explicit that she has always been this way, even back to her early teens.

Less likeable? Well, sure. But just as interesting to watch for me. I’m still enjoying the show.

I love WEEDS, and this season was really well written. I really feel like this could have been the SERIES finale rather than the season because it was so well done. But who am I to argue… I’ll keep watching WEEDS till they decide to end it!

Also, how do you hate Andy??? He’s the best character! (although Shane had some seriously good moments this season)

I don’t get the Andy hate, either. I LOVE Andy. Have you watched his Andy University video shorts?

No! But i’m in! I assume theyre on SHOWTIME.com?

Andy’s not a bad (i.e. evil) person but he’s just so criminally shortsighted with moments of concentrated stupidity. He was such a coward when his fiancee was abducted, but he grew up a lot this season, I think largely from not smoking pot every 3 minutes, and he’s even wise to Nancy’s cockteasing of him.

The scene where he kissed Silas on the mouth (“now we’ve been to first base”) and tells him he loves him, knowing and not caring about the revelation there’s no biological connection between them, and Silas’s “I love you too” response was one of the emotional high points of the show.

There have been hints dropped all the way about Silas not being Judah’s son. There’ve been several comments on the difference in appearance of the brothers, and Nancy’s former father-in-law (Albert Brooks) said that Shane looks like his family but Silas doesn’t look like anybody.

A good callback this season was when the deaf social worker came to inspect the baby and Silas told her “go fuck yourself” (or words to that effect) in sign. He apparently has a good memory from when he was dating the deaf girl. I actually felt very sorry for him in the campus episodes when he got a taste of being a normal kid and didn’t want to give it up, though the scene where he’s in his underwear reading to the rich old perv in the hotel made me hope to one day be a rich old perv more than I care to admit.

This is true. The first season or two presented her marijuana dealing as a really casual, light thing but one that she was forced to do to support her family. But she had alternatives; she could have given up her big suburban house (and housekeeper) and moved the kids to a smaller house, gotten a regular job, and not resorted to felony drug dealing.

It was amazing how they portrayed the college experience as so seductive to Silas; the Frisbee games on the quad, the frat parties and the hot co-eds who will sleep with him. (Heck, I was ready to return to college after that episode.)

I know it happens, but it’s hard to believe that Judah Botwin, a guy who was obviously ambitious judging by the house he lived in and the income he made, would die without any form of life insurance. It still doesn’t justify Nancy’s then decision to start dealing pot: she would have been eligible for social security on his account for herself and for both of the boys (in the beginning season before Silas turned 18) so it’s not like she was completely without income; that should be at least around $2,000 per month and while that’s not a lot to raise a family on even with limited skills she ought to be able to earn at least that much per month in southern California which would double it, and she could possibly have let the bank take the McMansion without even disrupting her own credit in order to move to a cheaper place. (I’m guessing Dearborn’s cheaper.)

Then there’s the Lupita factor: other than laziness why does a stay-at-home mom need a live-in maid? I think most working single mothers would do a happy dance if you gifted them with a once a week cleaning lady.

Believable though. Someone who looks like Silas wouldn’t have a hard time getting a hot co-ed in bed (or in shower as the case may be) and without being enrolled and having to go to class or study or live in a dorm or whatever it would seem that romantic to him.

Go forth and learn from Andy! http://www.universityofandy.com/

Yes, 1000 times yes. They need to get Silas out of his clothes and into homoerotic situtations as much as possible. :smiley: Hell it’s Europe; find some excuse for him & Andy to be on a one of those nudist resort towns or something.

This was a really good season finale & it would’ve made a good series finale as well. This season’s been all over the map re quality, but it ended well. I was in suspense most of the episode. I can’t wait until next season.

Nancy may have confessed to murdering Pilar, but doesn’t Esteban still has the video. And what countries are there that; won’t extradite for murder, and that the Botwins would actually want to live in? I’m thinking they’d have to go to someplace in Africa or South America (& not the ABC countries either). Maybe Bolivia or Uruguay?

As a future plot point, I can see the boys all going to Amsterdam, thinking they could start the “family business” up legally but now (with recent news reports indicating the Netherlands might soon be making pot/hash illegal for foreigners) it doesn’t quite turn out as expected.