Week 8 CFB -- Which AP Top Ten team(s) will lose?

UCF knocked off Louisville. I did not see that coming, but I absolutely loved the game.

1 pt for astorian!

Way to go Golden Knights!

Not a basketball score! Michigan tried to kill my heart again (last week was the 4OT game) with a 62-47 shootout with Indiana. For awhile, it looked like whoever had the ball last was going to win. Going into the stats would be crazy, but several major individual game records for the Wolverines were broken (passing yards, total yards, etc.).

Congrats to UCF, Auburn, Stanford, Tennessee on the big wins! Mississippi is currently shutting out LSU in the 2nd! Boo to Iowa that choked against Ohio State.

Ole Miss pulls off the upset in Oxford to cap a wild Saturday in the SEC. Ought to see a major shakeup in the polls this week…

Woot! Shutout for Michigan State! In a game that featured a grand total of one red zone possession, MSU was a perfect 1-1 in the red zone. Maybe if they get to be 8-1 in a couple weeks they might just crack the top 25.

Can we FINALLY get Florida out of the top 25?

F-L-0-R-I-D-A!! Florida State! Florida State! Florida State! W0000000000(t)!

Mark my words, y’all! “Famous” Jameis Winston will win more than 1 Heisman trophy!

No. 10 Miami (FL) 27,    North Carolina 23
UCF 38,                  No. 8 Louisville 35 
No. 4 Ohio State 34,     Iowa 24  
No. 24 Auburn 45,        No. 7 Texas A&M 41  
No. 13 Stanford 24,      No. 9 UCLA 10 
No. 1 Alabama 52,        Arkansas 0  
Ole Miss 27,             No. 6 LSU 24 
No. 5 Florida State 51,  No. 3 Clemson 14


                         Clemson  Texas A&M  Louisville  UCLA  
Munch              3/3   Clemson  Texas A&M              UCLA

bump               2/2   Clemson                         UCLA 
LuckyNumber85      2/2   Clemson                         UCLA
Oredigger77        2/2   Clemson                         UCLA
Sterling Archer    2/2   Clemson                         UCLA 
Wolverine          2/2   Clemson                         UCLA 
Zakalwe            2/2   Clemson                         UCLA  
Zeldar             2/2   Clemson  Texas A&M 

armedmonkey        2/(3)          Texas A&M             (UCLA)

Jimmy Chitwood     1/1   Clemson
R. P. McMurphy     1/1                                   UCLA 
RetroVertigo       1/1   Clemson
Snowboarder Bo     1/1   Clemson

astorian           1/(2)                     Louisville
Labrador Deceiver  1/2                                   UCLA
Oakminster         1/2                                   UCLA
Accidental Martyr  0/1            
Quintas            0/1             
    18            26/32    11        3            1      (11)    /26

I don’t know which made me happier: Auburn winning or Clemson losing. But I picked both and I’m grinning. :smiley:

If things go the way they usually do it will be 10:00 at the earliest (CT) before the AP issues its next list.

Anybody want to try to predict the new Top Ten?

I can predict the new Top Two:

#1 Alabama
#2 Florida State

If Oregon wasn’t looking so good, (48-24 at the start of the 4th) you might be right. FSU ought to get #3 with no sweat.

For me, the big issue is which of the losers – (6) LSU, (7) Texas A&M, (8) Louisville and (9) UCLA – will drop below #10. UCLA for sure, but the others might stay. Baylor and Missouri ought to break into the Top Ten.
ETA: 4th QTR, 13:01
Washington State 24
Oregon #2 62

[li]Alabama[/li][li]Oregon[/li][li]Florida State[/li][li]Ohio State[/li][li]Miami (FL)[/li][li]Missouri[/li][li]Baylor[/li][li]Stanford[/li][li]Clemson[/li][li]Oklahoma[/li][/ol]

I think it’s too early for any 2 loss SEC team to be on the list with several BCS conference teams with no losses. Louisville and UCLA do not belong there. I almost put Texas Tech instead of Oklahoma but they play each other next week so voters may wait one more week before jumping on the bandwagon.

I hear what yer saying, but FSU just beat two ranked teams by a total of 114-14. And one of those teams was the #3 ranked team in the country. And FSU made them look like amateurs at home, scoring more points at Death Valley Stadium than any team in history. Oregon has a relatively soft schedule and has yet to face a ranked opponent this season. But hey, if they want to give Oregon #2 until they lose to UCLA or Stanford, it won’t matter in the end.

The championship game is gonna be between unbeaten Alabama and unbeaten FSU, and FSU will win 48-24, behind a 400 yard effort by Heisman winner “Famous” Jameis Winston.

From your mouth to God’s ear, but I believe Bama will not win the SEC!

I’m not sure that happens. The Oregon offense is a machine. If they win out and so do Alabama and FSU then it’s a monkey wrench.

Who do you think will beat Bama in the SEC?

Date Away Home Time TV

10/26 Tennessee Alabama 3:30 pm ET CBS
11/09 LSU Alabama 1:00 pm ET CBS
11/16 Alabama Mississippi St. 1:00 pm ET
11/23 Chattanooga Alabama 2:00 pm ET ALPV
11/30 Alabama Auburn 1:00 pm ET

Their “safe win” is Chattanooga. They could lose any of the others. And they’ll have to play the winner of the East if they get to Atlanta. Most likely Missouri or SCar.

I just don’t see them making it through that list unbeaten.

Washington was ranked #16 when the Ducks beat them 45-24. Oregon also walloped Tennessee 59-14, its worse loss by far. Tennessee’s other two losses were both to ranked teams, including an OT loss to then #6 Georgia, and they beat South Carolina today.

The Ducks are for real. Remember that they have played their last four games without their best rusher. I don’t know if they’re better than Bama or FSU, but I hope we can find out. In addition to Stanford and UCLA in their next two games, they have a very tough Oregon State (which may be ranked tomorrow) as their final regular season game.

Today reinforced the old adage that anything can happen in the SEC. The LSU and Auburn games are the two biggest hurdles on the road to the SEC Championship, but Tennessee and Miss State have shown a few sparks this year. Couple of lucky bounces could swing an upset.

I want to see Missouri play now. Haven’t watched them all year, and it looks like they’re for real. We’ll see, as they still have to play A&M, Ole Miss, and SCar, I think…

End of week 8 totals. Cumulative scoring. No penalties for incorrect picks, 1pt awarded for each correct pick. War Damn Eagle.

4 pts: Oredigger77

3 ps: **armedmonkey, Labrador Deceiver, LuckyNumber85, Munch, Oakminster, Wolverine, Zakalwe **

2 pts: astorian, bump, Sterling Archer, Zeldar

1 pt: Fred Garvin, janeslogin, Jimmy Chitwood, jsc1953, R.P. Murphy, RetroVertigo, Snowboarder Bo

0pts: Accidental Martyr, basset hound, Chargerrich, death of rats, Duckster, furt, Johnny Bravo, NicorGasMan, Quintas, racer72, Rucksinator, skammer, Tazmanian Devil, The Universe Lashes Out,