Weird car adornment

Yesterday I was driving back from the post office and the most hideously green Jeep Cherokee drove by. This shade of green was so obnoxious I resented the driver for exposing me to it. Otherwise this vehicle seemed like any other pimped out SUV. Then I noticed something that was truly outlandish. Where the ball for towing stuff had been hung a super humanly sized pair of chrome testicals.

I googled chrome testicals and found that this is not that uncommon.

Please tell me why.

I think we’ve been over this before…

Edit: Yep

I saw a jacked up white Chevy 4 by 4 a few weeks ago. Hanging from the hitch was a large pair of bright pink bull balls. My first thought was, what kind of person would put pink balls on his truck. When I got up beside the truck, I noticed the driver was a rather cute blond. Question answered.