weird ebay find

I did a search on “cat pendant”, and one of the results was THIS

I 'bout laughed my ass off, and thought I would share.

:eek: Um. That’s just… um. Wow. I’ve yet to figure out what it has to do with cats, but I guess that’s irrelevant. :stuck_out_tongue: For a second when I first saw the image, I was terrified that it was supposed to be a reproduction of a cat penis. Thank GOD it’s not. So… are you gonna bid on it?

Reminds me of something similar I’ve been really wanting for a while, just 'cause it could look really innocuous., click on the “I’m over 21” button (if you are, anyway), then click on “Naughty Bits.” I want the Passion Flower pendant, two items down the page. Muhuha.

Nah, I’m not gonna bid on it…LOL. I was kind of tempted, though. It would be a conversation piece. Where the hell would i wear it? At the pediatric hospital I work at? I could see my manager “Uh…Lorie? Ahem…you’re necklace is a little…uh…inappropriate for ummm…work here” But it is kinda cute in a way.

Bidding is closed for it anyway. But I betcha eBay will have more similar items. They always do!!!

Some friends are jewelry merchants (biker gatherings, Ren Faires, etc.) and sell these. They sell them for about $40 (sterling silver), but they are not as popular as the moonriders (the one where the woman is straddling the man in the moon).

For those of you who like having a look at weird stuff sold on ebay, I recommend

… and remember folks, Mothers Day is just a few weeks away.

The company that’s selling it is called Crazy Cat Gifts (barely viewable watermark on the photo).

I was kinda worried that the pendant was going to be a silver cat wee-wee too.

Thank you DemonSpawn! Now how in the hell do you expect me to sleep tonight?
Whatever you guys do do not look at the dolls!!!

I would love to have the weinermobile though. I think that goes along with the fact that I work for Oscar Mayer right down the hall from where they make hotdogs.

Anyway for those of you who click on Demons link you have been forewarned! It’s evil!

OMFG. Who on earth would want that? Wait, actually I dont think I want to know. :confused:

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“Head goes up… head goes down… head goes up… head goes down… head goes up…”

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