Weird letter in the mail today

Our business received a letter plus 3 small pamphlets from a person in Fairfield CA. It was 6 neatly handwritten approximately 6x9 pages, but it was nothing but biblical discussion of end of times and god and the devil, liberally sprinkled with references to bible passages. Nothing relavent to our business. The last sentence says for more information go to, aha, Jehova’s Witnesses…

I can’t figure out why this person went to all that trouble to handwrite all that and send it to our company. I searched our customer files but couldn’t find that we ever sold them anything. If they’re a crackpot they are at least a polite one. Oh well, in the trash it goes.

Hmm…might want to re-think about throwing it away.
Not to cause panic or alarm, but someone seems to have singled your company out for some real or perceived warning.
Just in case the author decides to ramp up their dire warnings with action, you might want to have that original, handwritten note to show the authorities.

(Maybe I have seen too many episodes of Criminal Minds lately…)

Oh, this guy is all the way in CA, not to worry. Or do you think armageddon will be centered in central Virginia? :open_mouth:

Are you sure it’s handwritten or could it be a very realistic looking font?

We get that kind of stuff here all the time, be it pump and dump penny stocks on the fax machine with something handwritten that says “Hey Joe, take a look at this stock, I think it’s about to take off” or booklets similar to what you got (but we usually just find those scattered around the store).

My parents used to work for World Book Encyclopedia. We once had a “very devoted christian” start to stalk my parents offices because he didn’t like the articles written about Christmas and Easter, etc.

Course, my mom was 5’3" and would try to be nice as she shooed him out the door. But he would sometimes continue to make a fuss and kind of scare her. Then one day when I was helping out in the office, he came in to make his normal nonsense. He didn’t see me and my 5’10" oversized glory in the back room and so when I came marching around the corner strongly suggesting to him it was time to leave - he said some very unchristianlike words of surprise and ran out like the holy ghost had just shown him a picture of hell. . . .

Yeah it’s definitely handwritten. The line spacing is variable, and at the end they can barely fit the part in.

Our company doesn’t involve anything controversial that I can think of. The letter seemed to be trying to inform and comfort the reader, rather than be accusatory.

That’s very odd behavior for a Jehova’s Witness.
Now, if the letter was hand-delivered at 7 AM on a Saturday, that would be understandable…

Your company wasn’t chosen at random, so the answer is obvious. You are the chosen one. Your coming has been foretold and now a prophet is beseeching you to act before it’s too late. The end is nigh, control-z!

You know, that makes a lot of sense. My mother always told me I was special!

When my father was the head of the local University Astronomy Club he got a letter from none other than God Almightly. (Well, the letter was signed by someone named Nunziati, but I’m sure God dictated it.)

The letter said there was a dark area of space where there are no stars and that this was because God had thrown all the demons of Hell into this area. I don’t think my father was very impressed by the letter, as he did not go out with his telescope to look for the demons.

Scanner and color laser printer. I can make copies at work that are indistinguishable from the original. At least until you put another piece of paper on top of it and iron it to transfer some of the toner.

WAG: An employee didn’t want to give their home address but felt bad about making something up. So they gave their work address to whoever it is they ended up talking to.

I just got a book in the mail, no return address, addressed to resident, from someone who mass mails these things, title was something about Law.
It took a chapter or two to figure it was by a Seventh day Adventist.

eta; here it is

My entire apartment complex received National Sunday Law. I kept a few copies as I collect the writings of the insane.

a religious person might feel the time spent writing it was a religious act as good as the time spent ringing doorbells. maybe they could write but not hoof it.