Weird little Japanese game (warning: ADDICTIVE)

I discovered this little game the other night, and started playing it because the monkey is SO cute! Basically, the game is a puzzle game where you use the peices to help the poor monkey cross teh river. It’s kind of hard, but also really hard to stop.

Monkey Game

Argh thats hard (to stop)

Ok, I had to try it a dozen times or so, but I got it.

must not spread the evil…must not…spread…the…

BWAHAHAHAAAA!! Welcome to hell!

(I think I better go take my pills.)

How do people get those high scores?

Is there no way to rotate the pieces before placing them?

I don’t think you can rotate the pieces. At least, I haven’t found a way to do it. That’s the “beauty” of the game. As for the high scores, I can’t make it over 420. Sigh.


But don’t ask me how I did it.

In my case at least, Any success is due to blind old luck.

500… shrugs First success.

I’ve gotten up to a 520 and still not managed to get the monkey across. Aaah! I will keep trying.

From my limited understanding of Japanese, that game is called Animal Road 1.

Also on that site, Animal Road 2, Animal Road 3, and Animal Road 4.

Oh, this game is too addictive…

‘Don’t worry little monkey! I’ll save you!’

The only time I managed to get the monkey across I only scored 320 points.

I get up to 560 but can’t get the monkey across!! I’ll be here ALL NIGHT!!!

Okay I got the little guy across and he’s enjoying his coconuts, even though I only get 320 points for my victory! At least I can go to bed now. :slight_smile:


I’ve come close twice at 600, just one of those annoying “diagonal” connections the monkey can’t cross. Cute game.

:frowning: Monkey so angry…

I haven’t been able to get the monkey across yet.



I love Angry Monkey. He’s so cute.

Has anyone checked out the other games on that site? There’s one where you make a big fat guy eat until he either pukes or flies away! I’m sure there’s more to it, but I can’t read the directions or what he’s saying. Weird.

Goddamn monkey.