Weird Posts - random *bumps*

See here:

It just seems hinky to me; I can’t quite process the behavior - BigT offers this in one thread:

Do a lot of folks do this?

I’ve seen it happen, especially since the SDMB became Googleable, if that’s even a word!

I think BigT is correct. Spammers are also frequent culprits at this, and for pretty much the same reason. But I don’t think anything funny happened here.

Can you help me understand what a “spammer” in this case would be doing? A spammer sounds different than a geek-fanboy searching on a model, finding her info and, I dunno, wanting to help other fanboys find her. Is there a search bot involved somehow? Forgive my naivete.

A spammer is posting for commercial reasons, trying to get people to visit a site or buy something. They’re often bots, yes. They register and search for a word that is related to the product they want to spam for. That often results in bumps to old threads because they don’t care if the thread is new or not.

Ah - thank you. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t out to get you.

I wonder how prevalent this type of thing will get? When will bots engage in conversations as a more persuasive way to get us to go to their site or something?

Hard not to be a little :dubious:

No, bots just post and leave. Usually they make just one post, although some of them plant their flag all over the place. Human spammers will sometimes try to cover up what they are doing by engaging in a conversation.

Oh, sure - reply logically. :wink:

A good tell on a spammer posting (as opposed to a fan or a user simply searching for info) is the “multiple zombies on one topic” flurry that you see on the boards with the same “person” (could be a bot also with this approach) resurrecting thread after thread with essentially the same reply to all of them.

There’s usually links in spam resurrections as well, in contrast to well-meaning people who just don’t know they thread is ancient.

That is very true. Which reminds me that I want to thank you, Marley23, for all your hard work. It occurs to me that that a dedicated, energetic person such as yourself would do very well if presented with a multi-level marketing opportunity. PM me for details.