Weird, really weird. And gross. Mostly just nuts.

Everything you never wanted to know.

Which, honestly, up until now was zero!

Now…I’m all sweaty :smiley:


Done before.

I was born the wrong species…

Well color me clueless.

Please disregard.

DISREGARD? Now that it’s out there?

I’m washing my glass eye as we speak!



I did do a search, but there were 250 threads out there with “dolphin” and “sex” in them.

I wonder how many threads with goat sex?

or moderator sex.

And I thought plushies were weird…

Or felching a moderator.

Is it weird that I’m turned on now?

My, my, my, I think we all know why he has sex with dolphins.

Is this a real problem?! Are there people going around raping dolphins? The mind boggles…

Well, there’s always Scylla’s memorable story…

But, please don’t let this diverge into goatsecx, that horrid, horrid thing…

They call him Flipper, Flipper…

[sub]Fortunately, that’s all I know[/sub]

I wouldn’t be able to do it. I’d be too afraid of the thing snapping my penis off, shooting it into the air with the sheer force of it’s vagina and devouring it with it’s many sharp teeth.

WHEW! Thank God for warnings!

Not that you’ve thought about it though, right Merc? :slight_smile:
I won’t start with the “dophin safe tuna” jokes… It’s just too easy :slight_smile:

There’s a difference?? :confused:

Not enough. :wink:

Well, I remember that other thread too, & now you’ve brought the whole thing back up again, dammit.

Hmm. That reminds me. I’m due for another trip to Mexico to swim with the dolphins. :smiley:

And yes…Guinastasia, plushies are REALLY weird.