Weird thing on eBay Germany

Babelfish translation for those who (like me) don’t read German:

What in the hell is that thing?

Some sort of oddly-shaped multi-colored inflatable, um, twig & berries.

Yeah…that’s it. Sure.


You know… it kind of reminds me of the lollipops in Clockwork Orange. You don’t suppose it’s supposed to be…nah.

Just out of curiosity though, if it’s inflatable, where do you blow it up?

My guess is blowing it up while riding on the El would be a bad choice.

And that is the worst German translation I have read in a long time…

You have to admit though, it could be the start of one helluva Halloween costume for very little money.

Rainbow power!

It’s an inflatable rainbow phallus. What’s so weird about that? Groovy baby.

Notice that they’re** blue** berries!

Blue berries HA !

And with the multiple sizes you can work your way to a constipation free life.