Weird Windshield

This truck’s decorations are so strange, I just had to share.

Photo Link

I spotted it while driving. For those who don’t like links, the rear windshield reads:

If you look close enough, you can read the side window, which announces that this king of double entendre belongs to an elderly homecare service.

I need to go find the superglue for the shattered pieces of my exploded skull.

There is a balm in Gilead, to ease your shattered skull.

The link asks for a password.

Then, if you login with your flickr, it says that the page is private, and that I had no permission to view it. Darn it!

Brendon Small

Sorry, that website is being stupid.

Here’s a better one

That is odd. It’s definitely not done in tasteful bumpersticker size.
Perhaps the occupants of the vehicle have been forgetting to dilute dilute dilute their Dr. Bronner’s before drinking it?

I wonder if Jesus would be any better than Crack Cream at soothing my chapped hands and healing my dry cracked heels.

I put some Jesus Balm on my hands the other day. They really ought to put a warning on him: Warning: May cause stigmata. My towels are ruined.

I really hope the guy is selling Jesus brand lip balm.

Apply directly to forehead?

It’s clearly a put-on.

That is one stupid saying. I pity the mind that thought it up.

Hmmm… reminds me of those old ads:

“Why are you looking clueless?
Jesus is the balm
put him on today–
your beard will be more calm
Burma shave”

My brother used to point to There Is a Balm in Gilead in the hymnal at church and whisper “There is a bomb in Gilead” and then we’d crack up.

Yes, there is a subtle difference in pronunciation, or maybe you just had to be there.

I’m not sure why the windshield saying would be so skull-shattering?

It hurts my head to have the spiritual and moral figurehead of millions of people worldwide depicted as a Gansta dollop of camphor-scented lubricant, meant to be applied liberally in order to bring epiphany. The sexual undertones combined with shallow philosophy and a really bad pun are bizarre and insulting to me, and I’m an atheist.

And then, to find out that someone who is arrogant enough to billboard this confusion across their car is also responsible for the care of frail elderly folk just leaves me :eek:


A Balm? Whaddya want to give a baby a balm for? It might bite 'im!
Very dangerous animal, a balm is. There is an animal called a balm…or did I dream it?

I wonder if the first draft read:
Jesus is da Bomb!
Drop him today!