Welbywife's mom died.

Welbywife’s mom finally passed this weekend.
It was peaceful and painless and confusingly relieving. Welbywife’s a wreck. We both are, for the most part. The kids are taking it pretty hard as well, but we’d talk to them beforehand so they knew. They’re off to greif counseling today and tomorrow. It’s a program offered by Hospice for kids.

On the up side we both feel that we did our best for her in her final days. She died with a loving family around her, and told us Saturday morning that she though she would die that day. She was right, she died around 1:30, while asleep.

And while I’m talking about it, let me say that Hospice is staffed with angels. They were helpful, professional, and handled and are still handling many of the minor details that we don’t have time or energy for. A heartfelt thank you to them.
Rest in Peace Luda.

Oh welby, wife and kids, the pain you must be feeling… I wish I could say something to help, to heal. There are no words. Please feel my virtual hugs. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

I feel for you, buddy.

Please give your family a few extra hugs from a stranger you met on the boards.

I wish you and your family peace, welby. What a blessing for her and for you that she had a quiet passing at home with family.

Take care.

May her memory be eternal. Hugs to you and yours.

My condolences. I do not know any previous details, but it seems to me that this was expected and somewhat prepared for - that doesn’t make the grief any easier to deal with, I know, but take some peace from the fact that you were able to say goodbye. Best wishes to your and your family.

welby, your wife, kids and you are in my thoughts and prayers. It’s great that she was surrounded by family when she died. And I second what you said about Hospice. Every experience I’ve had with them has been truly wonderful.

Like Exgineer said, give your family a few extra hugs from this stranger, too.

Even when they say, “It’s really better for them,” it still is very sad to lose a loved one.

More stranger hugs and some warm wishes for good memories of her life…

Best wishes, welby, welbywife and welbykids. I’m so very sorry for your loss.

No matter how much you know, or how expected a death may be, it’s still really, really hard.

Best wishes and warm thoughts in y’all’s direction…

Sending warm thoughts your way.

hugs I remember reading a thread about welbywife’s mom and she sounded like an amazing lady. My heart goes out to the whole welbyfamily!

Please add my condolences, thoughts and prayers.

Isn’t welbywife’s father not in good health either? If I am remembering correctly, he’s in Russia?

So sorry to hear of your loss although I understand the relief part.

Surrounded by friends and family, and passing away in your sleep.

It’s hard, but that’s the best way to go.

My condolences to your family. May your treasured memories of your mother-in-law sustain you through your time of grief.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, welby.

Sending prayers your direction.

i’m sorry to hear this.

may her memory be eternal.

Your family is in my thoughts and prayers, Welby.