Welcome Mississippienne to Baltimore Dopefest

Agent Foxtrot and I have pinned down May 21 as the day of the dopefest to welcome Mississippienne to Baltimore. Weirddave and I will be holding this 'fest at our place in Dundalk, starting at around 2:00 pm and going through dinner and into the evening.

Everyone’s invited - it’ll be kid friendly, so bring them too. I think we’ll do it like our Dope The Halls and do a sort of pot-luck thing, but we’ll provide burgers and hotdogs; we’ll ask everyone to bring something. We’ve got a houseful of liquor that we never drink, but beer and mix will be BYOB.

Who’s in?

Sorry. I can’t make it.


I’ll have to let you know a little closer to the date. My spousal unit is facing shoulder surgery, but we don’t know when yet. And this on top of the kid’s surgery. I refuse to go to a doctor myself lest he find something that needs to be removed… :eek:

I have to double-check, but I’m pretty sure that my sister’s high school graduation is that day. If it is, I obviously won’t be able to make it.

Hokey-Smokey! Is she our trade for having let OpalCat go south? :wink: (Preservation of the balance of Dopers and such). Sure. Sounds like a wiener!

I’ll bring a case of brewski and a pot of German potato salad.

Mmmm, bacon!


I wouldn’t worry too much about bumping until Monday. A lot of the regulars don’t post on the weekends. I’ve sent out an email to those whose email addresses I have, but there are lots I don’t have.

No dice on the 21st. I’ll have to catch y’all next time.

I’m in; email received and replied to.

I may make a bacon-free potato salad.

Ben, we’ll make sure to have veggie burgers and/or fake cheese, so you can have a cheeseburger if you like.

::Scott walks in from Mississippienne is coming to Baltimore! singing to the tune of Camptown Races., ““Horse You Came In On” bar in Fells Point, do-dah, do-sah dah, all the day of May 5 long. Build a race track five miles long, all the do-dah day.” Then he stops dead in his tracks.::

Wait, did you say the he 21st, in Dundalk? :frowning: I might not be able to make it. I’ll have to check. Saturdays aren’t good for me, usually, but I’ll have to see about this one.

Oh, and in the old thread, the following was said:

Just my two cents, I think the public schools in Baltimore are horrible. I taught Summer School one summer, and…Ugh. Unless you want to enroll your kids in a private school, when/if you have kids, I would advice you to get the heck out of Baltimore.

Wait, you’re in Dundalk? Besides the fact that Ollies is fantastic, I have no idea about anything to do with Dundalk. Nevermind my previous advice.

As I said in my email to Ginger, it looks pretty hopeful for us making this one. I think I’ll bring a spinach salad and some beer, and also at least two kids, possibly three. Ginger, can a mud puddle be arranged for the little one? :wink:

We can’t make it; we’ll be in Texas.

But perhaps y’all will make it to Gettysdope II?


Ooooh, goody! I was wondering if there was going to be one of those!

Sheesh…moving a little fast, aren’t we? :eek:

Sorry, but while Baltimore is a lovely place, I don’t think much of the public school, having lived through them.

Which is precisely why we live in the county.

On, and again, I may not be able to attend. I’ll have to see.

We saw that in your first post. No need to repeat yourself.