MAD Dopefest - Welcome Antigen to Baltimore

Antigen has joined us from Canada (who on earth moves here from Canada, anyway?) and we’re going to properly welcome her with a Dopefest on April 14.
It will be at our place in Parkville (Baltimore County) and begin at around 2:00, going until whenever we kick Paul out.

If you’ve been here before, you know the drill; if you’re new:

Email for address and directions. I send out a group e-mail with detailed directions prior to the date of the party.
Bring something (food, drink, paper plates, etc) to share. Please let me know what you’re bringing. This time of year we might do burgers and hot dogs (and I’ll always have something vegetarian friendly as well, because I’m awesome).
Paul and Walter will get lost at some point. This is normal.
Jim and Dwight will end up in Delaware. This is also normal.
We’re kid-friendly and smoking-hostile. Smoking is okay if it’s outside and you don’t throw your butts on my lawn or in my neighbour’s yard.
There is absolutely no actual Dope at my dopefests.
My house will not be tidy. Oh, it’ll be clean, but it will probably be in some state of disarray. Come prepared.
It appears that my sister will be here from the Arctic at that time, so you’ll be allowed to frighten her by being creepy internet people at her. This is always a good time, as some of you may remember from our wedding.

Did I miss anything?

Can I come?

That’s what you forgot, Ginger – “Everyone’s invited except BlueKangaroo.”

Right. We don’t like those sciency types around here.

Wait a minute - what’s your doctorate in, hmmm?

Sociology of religion (i.e., no math).


Can I bribe my way in with pumpkin bread?

Damn, if there’s pumpkin bread involved, I may have to think about coming down for this …

I can’t eat that pumpkin bread or I will gain eighty pounds.

Okay then. I will bring pumpkin bread, and something Ginger can eat.

Anything else?

Your goofy husband?

Most likely. I suspect he’ll make a decision closer to the actual date, though.

Are you bringing cat ovaries, jalapeño peppers, or both? :wink:

BiblioCat and I will be there.

I have never brought either of those things, and I’m offended that you’d suggest as much!
Ovaries belong in the lab, and jalapeño peppers belong somewhere else. Preferably nowhere near the ovaries…

Liar liar, pants on fire! You brought me 6 pounds of yummy frozen jalapeño peppers right before Christmas! Granted, they were from moi but you did bring them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh dear. It’s so sad to see one’s elders confused. :wink:

I brought you fine NM Hatch Green Chiles. And they were not from our darling moi, they were from me. Because I like you.

The pinch on the rear was from moi.

I’m in, along with mudgirl and EtheralFreakOfPinkness. Don’t know about the hubby yet. I called him at work, but he pretended he was too busy to talk about it (c’mon, he’s a federal employee, and he’s had the job for over a year. You can’t tell me he wasn’t just fakin’ this “busy” thing).

Subject to my travel schedule (or having a schedule), I’ll be there.

(This week’s twist is that sending us software engineers to install the software we engineered may blow out the program budget. I think we’ll have to demand more money for the follow-on installations.)

I’ll think of some food stuff to bring (right now I’m in NO GRAIN mode). I may bring Cuba Libres and travel photos.

Sorry for the memory flaw-I’ll blame BiblioCat who addled my brain with eggnog & kahlua that night. :wink:

Ah. That seems far more reasonable. :smiley:

Uh, I don’t think so. You kept asking for more, and then made me sit on your lap. And look where that led. :wink: