Welcome Sue Duhnym to New York DopeDinner -- Fri. 3/7

As many of you know, former BAD girl Sue Duhnym has moved to New York City. Now that she’s settled in just a bit, and even found Zabars, I thought we should have a DopeDinner to welcome her to her new home on the Upper West Side.

I’m reliably informed that Friday, March 7 would work for her and several other New York Dopers, and I found a new restaurant in her (and my) neighborhood that I thought would be great for DopeDinners. So, without further ado (and subject to change if necessary):

Welcome Sue DopeDinner:

Home Comfort Food & Drinks
158 West 72nd Street (bet Broadway & Columbus)
1/2/3/9 or B/C to West 72nd Street
Handicapped Accessible and Kid Friendly
Link with menus

Friday, March 7, 2003, at 7:00 p.m.

See you there.

Yay, I get to meet Sue!

I’ll be out of town, but would otherwise like to meet Sue. Home Comfort’s a good place.

Aw, I’m gonna miss it. But I’ll see you next January Sue (and Billdo et al).

You know what? I think I can do this one. Excellent!

Welcome to town, Sue.

When do you need to know by? I can’t commit right now, but in a day or two, I’ll know for sure.

I’ll give it a shot, guys. Hopefully, I won’t have to stay home & do a paper or two - I don’t have my syllabi in front of me, so I don’t remember whether I have papers due in the week before Spring Break.

In any case, I’ll try my best to get there.

Yeah, good question - by when do you need to know?

Jeez. I’m the Queen of the Double Posts today.

I suppose I’d like to know by at least 7:15 p.m. on Friday if I can. If I don’t know you’re coming by then, you are at risk of our ordering dinner without you.

I’d like to make a reservation with some idea of how many we will be ahead of time, but these things are always flexible.

I’m in.

Well, I’m absolutely going to be there! Thanks for picking a place Bill. I have a good handle on all the bars within walking distance but as I tend to eschew food for alcohol I’m hazy on good restaurants. :wink:

Can’t wait!

PS Oxy, do you want me to bring the book? Can you wait or shall I mail it? I do have to find a post office tomorrow anyway.

Oh, Friday’s fine, Sue - thanks for remembering!

I’ll be there.

You do realize that, despite the high esteem in which I’ve always held you, you are now even more valuable now that I live here? You have children in school! I’m going to buy you shots until you talk! :wink:

Next time, or else!

I guess I AM pretty much guaranteed to be here next Mega-fest, aren’t I? It’s a deal!

YAY! And thanks!

Well, nuts! I guess I missed my chance to meet you then, Sue. Maybe I’ll be traveling out NYC way sometime…

Hmmm. Put me down as “a possible shot in Hell.” I’ll have to find out if my wife’ll be around and what we may have to do with da kid. If she isn’t around, I don’t have to worry about da kid, but then I won’t have a ride.

Life is so complicated.

I am probably going to the hockey game that night, but if the dinner/debauch runs late, maybe I could stop by.

** Biggirl**, you finally got a Friday Night dinner!

Yep yep, I’m thinking I’ll be there.

I’ll be there.
Unless by some strange chance my new PC arrives that day. (It shouldn’t) Then I’ll have to be alone with it.