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Reading another thread brought a question to my mind… whats the most horrible way you’ve ever been dumped? (Or dumped someone…)

I have a tie for first. My Sophomore year of High School, the girl I was dating broke up with me mid make-out session because “She loved me too much”.

Then, my senior year, I was really in love with this girl, but she moved to Seattle, about 3 hours away. We still saw each other every other week or so, as I’d steal my parents car and take off for the weekend. I was young and stupid and was on the verge of proposing to her, when she decided to come down for the weekend unannounced. We had a romantic evening, spent the night together, and in the morning she woke up crying. When I asked he what was wrong, she showed me the ring that her “friend” in Seattle had just given her. Seems the friend was now a fiance, and she wasn’t going to be visiting any more.

I suppose that was what I deserved for dating a girl that had already cheated on my best friend at least 14 times, but… that one still hurts, even 7 years later.

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I don’t think this is particularly mean, but it strikes me as kind of funny. Of course, I was the breaker, not the breakee.

Junior year of high school (1992). Homecoming is fast approaching and I was trying to figure out who to ask. There was this girl named Reagan I knew from talking to her in the hallway, so I decided to go for it. She was nice, pretty, and named after my favorite president, so it seemed like a pretty good deal. She said yes, plans were made, and the date was on.

Homecoming night arrives. I pick her up and we are eating dinner before the dance whe it hits me. I just couldn’t stand this girl. She had no personality, we had different interests, her voice bugged me, etc. Don’t ask me why this didn’t occur to me earlier…I blame it on rampant hormones and her cheerleader outfit.

So, I immediately start to try and figure out a way to end this ASAP. We get to the dance and I decide to fake an injury from basketball practice. I tell her I wrenched my back in practice that day and can’t really dance without a lot of pain. She keeps asking, I keep BSing. After about an hour of sitting and vaguely talking, I give in, we dance once and I tell her it hurts too badly. At this point, I took her home and we didn’t really talk again.

Epilogue - After dropping her off, I got together with a bunch of friends and played basketball for a few hours. In hindsight, that may have blown the cover of my injury.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

She fucked my best friend at the time and they conference-called me from his house to see if I was “cool with the funny way things turn out sometimes”. The answer, predictably, was no.

Two nights before I was supposed to fly to Hilton Head from Michigan to visit the fiend, he called to tell me that the trip would not be a good idea, as we would “probably have a great time together”, and the long distance wasn’t working out. Not just that, he reasoned, he had already told all his new friends we were history. Charming, eh? (Oh, the trip? It was planned for New Years. Yeah, it was my Christmas present from my parents. ho ho ho.)

Not a big deal, but memorable:

I didn’t date much in high school. On one occasion my date (whom I had dated once or twice before) and I were just arriving at the school dance. We passed a pay phone in the hallway before we got into the cafeteria, where the dance was. She stopped and called a girlfriend and asked her, in my hearing, what she was doing tonight and did she want to go to the dance at the community college!

Her friend said she did and she turned to me, cool as a cucumber, and asked if I’d mind taking her home.

At that point I didn’t mind at all taking her home but that always seemed like an unnecessarily cruel way to get out of a date.

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I didn’t date too much in my teenage years either, but I do remember when I was about 14 or so, I was asked by this guy if I wanted to go to the movies with him. We agreed to meet at the theater at the designated time. About an hour before leaving to go there, he calls me and tells me that he was grounded by his parents for sneaking out of the house. So, I figure, screw it, I’m going anyways because I really wanted to see this movie. I call up a couple of my friends and we end up going to the theater. Just as we’re walking in after paying for the tickets, I see that guy standing at the candy counter with his arms around another girl. I marched right up to the guy, tapped him on the shoulder, and said to him that if he didn’t want to date me, he could have at least told me the truth. He gets all flustered, his girl gives me the world’s dirtiest look, then they both walk away arm in arm.

My friends said later that they fully expected me to start crying and screaming or something, as they would have done, but I thought I handled it pretty good.

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Runner-up: He moved out of town without bothering to inform me or give me a chance to reclaim my possessions. (FWIW, I suspect he was in trouble with the law, but that’s no excuse.)

Winner: He drove me home … informed me of ALL my faults in great detail while we sat in the front seat of his car with the engine running … and then drove off because his dinner was getting cold. The kicker, though, was that this happened on December 17, 1997 – a week before Christmas, in the middle of final exams, AND on the second anniversary of my beloved grandfather’s death. Some people are REALLY bad at timing…

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My first love dumped me at lunchtime in the middle of school. I was traumatized, but I couldn’t just leave b/c I’d get into trouble. So I bawled my eyes out during Biology class. I still appreciate Mr. Burton for his sensitivity and for the advice he gave me: “Darlin’, there’s no sense crying over something you can’t change. Just accept it and move on.”

No one breaks up with me. When I’m going out with some one and things start to get shaky, everything tends to drift apart and with no official break up (which usually takes about 2 weeks).

Although I have to give it to an ex who told me “You’re not your type”, yet over the phone, in IM’s, and in person she told me how we were perfect for each other and how I was everything she looked for in a guy. I just want to know how her qualifications changed so fast.

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I had a good friend in high school named Rich. He liked me a lot, but at the time I was dating another guy named John. I was head over heels about John, who predictably dumped me in classic male high school form, ie, he just stopped calling, and would never just come right out and tell me he didn’t want to see me any more. I had a really hard time with this, and spent time talking to Rich about how much it hurt me, how bad it felt, etc.

Fast forward a few months. Rich and I are now dating. He dates me about 2 months, then starts acting weird. I ask him if he’s breaking up with me, and he says “no.” I remind him how hard a time I had when John dumped me without telling me, and asked him to just please tell me if he didn’t want to see me anymore. Once again, he denies it all. Another month of misery proves that yes, he’s seeing another girl. Grrrrrr… I wanted to kill him.

The vengeful ending is that the girl Rich dumped me for turned out to be a very nice, intelligent woman who came out as a lesbian a few years later. The romance between them only lasted a couple months (high school, remember) then Rich decided he really did like me and spent the next 4-5 years trying to win me back… at which time I had thoroughly moved on from him and loved him as a friend but was not interested in anything else. Ah, sweet revenge…

Please see the thread I started for more than you ever needed to know on the subject…

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“You’re not your type”

I’m not my type ?
Damn straight, I’d dump myself in a minute.

I have never been in a real relationship, only dated casually, but every time the guy decided to stop seeing me, that is exactly what he did–just stopped seeing me, never offering any explanation. I don’t know what’s worse, having guys tell you exactly what they don’t like about you, or never knowing why you keep chasing them away.

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I believe I’ve related this story before, but, what the hell, one more time…

She whom I believed to be my one true love and I had been having problems, but I was perfectly willing to work through them and I thought she was too… until HE came along. Then, she would spend all sorts of time with him, and leave me at home. Finally, I’d had enough, and when she announced that she was going to “hang around” with him instead of me yet again, I broke down completely, and that’s when she gave me the whole “this isn’t working out I need something new I’m sorry I hope you can forgive me” speech. I thought we had been making progress, but now I’m convinced that she intended to dump me all along, but didn’t want to do it until she had a replacement lined up. (kill kill kill kill kill kill) Anyway, what I didn’t know until later, was that it was a three-way relationship with yet another girl. She (the other girl) eventually talked him into seeing her exclusively, and left my ex in the lurch.

Now, we have patched things between us somewhat, and I do consider her to be a friend, but DAMN! I’m still laughing about that little irony.

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Oh, and if she ever finds this message board and figures out who I am, I am SO dead…

“That’s entertainment!” —Vlad the Impaler

I touched on this in Satan’s thread, but…

I was living with D.H. (dickhead) for 5 years. We were engaged for a year and a half. His best friend got engaged and the four of us became inseparable. The boys would spend most of their time together until, they decided they wanted to break up with us so they could have fun without icky girls (or at least ones they’d already fucked for a few years–the fickle bastards!) We had all moved 800 miles away from home and they broke up with us on CHRISTMAS DAY! The other couple got into a fight and broke up and D.H. had once said to him (which I found out later) “When you break up with ___, I’ll break up with ___.” When my fellow dumpee and I compared notes they gave us the same crap, “It’s not you, it’s me”, “You deserve better than me”, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! It’s like they rehearsed it. When we asked why they didn’t do it sooner, they said they didn’t want to ruin Christmas. How’s that for selfish. They just wanted gifts from us and the families that had grown to love them! I could’ve at least been with my family during the worst time of my life.

BTW, They aren’t gay, but they had a HELL of a time convincing their mothers of that! LOL

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Got a date to Grad Night at Disneyland in high school. Thrilled, because I was a total loser and deeply socially backward in H.S., and it felt great to have a date like the other girls.

Got dumped the day before because he got a better offer and had to go to Grad Night on the dreaded “Singles Bus” where they segregated the dateless.


I didn’t think I would have one when I started reading this thread, but of course, a repressed memory surfaced.

When I was a sophomore in high school, I met this guy who went to the other school in town, and we really hit it off. We didn’t see each other during the day, of course, but we talked on the phone pretty much every night for two weeks. (A long time in 10th grade.) He was going to be doing lights for a summer production of Jesus Christ: Superstar, and talked me into auditioning. At the audition, he simply acted like he didn’t know me. I ended up being in the play, and the entire summer, he never once gave any indication that there had ever been anything between us. You can imagine how pissed I was, but of course I didn’t say anything; I am really non-confrontational.

Anyway, I heard about a year later that at the time, he had been dating another girl who was also in the play, which was why he couldn’t even look at me. Scumbag.


A few stories to make you laugh.

One guy I dated for nearly five years and things got rough at one point. He told his friends (and some of mine) that we were about to call it quits, before even mentioning it to me. After waiting a bit for the announcement to be made, the friends told me what he had said. I was beyond pissed. Anyway, we broke it off rather amicably after all, but the goofus kept telling people that I had dumped him, boohoohoo.

Then there was this other guy I dated for a few months. Anyway, when he dumped me, he gave me a long list of reasons why it wasn’t meant to be. I was stunned. I downed my beer (we were at a bar), paid for my share and left. Good thing I had friends to cheer me up, as I thought I was an utter freak after listening to his spiel. The ironic thing is that he still calls me up to wish me a happy birthday. Go figure.

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Not quite a dump, but close.

The summer between high school and college all of us were in transition. I wound up dating this girl that had been dating one of my friends. We got along pretty well, but one night when I called her she was very cold on the phone. After a few minutes I hung up and figured “that’s over.”

That weekend, the whole gang wound up at the movies together. She sat right behind me, telling all her girlfriends in a too-loud voice that she couldn’t wait for the next night, and her first date with Steve (another friend, but he wasn’t at the movie.) In fact, the other girls, knowing we had been dating, kept trying to shush her.

She eventually married Steve. Every time I saw her after that, she was perfectly pleasant to me. I don’t know what got into her during that time. I must have just caught her in a slump.