Welcome to Norway, land of Chlamydia (7-11 billboard)

7-Eleven is causing some discussion in Norway with their new PSA/condom sales add.

That is all shades of Wrong.

I think it’s brilliant in every single way. :smiley:

Chlamydia? Isn’t that a girl’s name? (What about Placenta?)


I always thought Rotunda and Avarice would make nice names.

I’ve never been to Chlamydia
Oh, let me say it louder
I’ve never been to Chlamydia
But I really like their chowder!

At least it’s not the land of rape and honey.

They have 7-11’s in Norway?

Norwegians have sex? :eek:

Only when they’re not skiing.

So, no. Not too much.

How about these ads from the Health Department in Norway?

Oh, Chlamydia, Chlamydia.
Have you met Chlamydia,
Chlamydia, the tattooed lady!

Back in college (mid-90s), the student health service had a pamphlet titled something like “Chlamydia is not a flower. It’s a sexually transmitted disease!” Googling, it was probably this pamphlet.

Would somebody care to tell me what the 7/11 slogan is? It’s no longer shown on that Reddit page.

Can confirm. :smiley: :o :smiley:

Here’s your sign.

Yeah, but if you have "free’ healthcare, it’s probably cheaper than buying condoms, which are probably like $5 each.

Tons of them. Or Narvesen, their competitor. They’re really big in Japan too.

Better buying expensive condoms than having to spend a non-negligible and frankly quite uncomfortable time undergoing treatment of your nether parts :stuck_out_tongue: Not everything is measurable in terms of just money… :wink:

Plus there’s the occasional pesky person who’ll refuse to have sex once you’ve refused to “put it on”.