Well, so much for that Church

I am a terrible singer. That doesn’t stop my daughter and I from having fun singing.

We like “Soak up the Sun.” My favorite part of the song is when Sheryl sings the “water’s still free.” Every single time we play the song, my daughter looks up at me when she sings that line and repeats it. “The water’s still free, Daddy.”

Yes it is. I don’t know why that means a lot to me, but it does.

We also like “Three Little Pigs” by Green Jelly.

We have a lot of fun. I sing the part of the screaming wolf, "LITTLE PIG LITTLE PIG LET ME IIIIINNNNN!"

She does the little piggy part “Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin.”

After six months of this she wants to do the wolf, and I do the piggy.

When trying to sound like an evil wolf-monster, instead my daughter sounds like that girl in the excorist.

So at our Church they once in a while do a children’s thing. Through rehearsals there had been no indication of any problem, but today, in front of the congregation, my daughter decided to sing “Jesus Loves The Little Children” in her evil-monster-big-bad-wolf voice.

Most of the other kids we singing in the hushed tones of scared young children trying to hide themselves in the chorus.

Not my little girl!

She belted it out as loud as she could with a mischievous grin on her face, looking right at me with her “Daddy look I’m being bad,” lights flashing in her eyes.

It was a singular rendition, kinda gives a different meaning to the song, when you sing it with the voice of evil.

Thanks honey.

I’m guessing the congregation gave pause when her head spun 360 degrees around, like Regan?

I can’t wait until your daughter is old enough for the Dope, Scylla.

She’ll be a great addition to the boards.

The thread…

is on…

your foot.

I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blooooooooooow this post in.

[sub]and here come the hamster jokes…[/sub]

That story reminded me of one my best friend told me. As a little girl, her family had never been big on church attendance, however, her aunt was, and insisted she take April along one Sunday. It was a small church, and the new little girl in their midst caused a bit of a stir, with everyone “oohing” and “ahhing” over how cute she was.

One of the congergants asked April if she liked to sing, and April nodded enthusiasticly. The idea that she should go up to the front of the church and sing during the service met full approval. The preacher introduced her when the service got underway, and asked her to come up.

April approached the microphone, smiled sweetly and launched into “If Drinkin’ Don’t Kill Me, Her Memory Will.” Years later, when she told me this, I laughed heartily, and asked what their reaction was. She said that they all listened politely until she had finished, and then clapped as she walked back to her seat. However, they never asked her to sing again.

Scylla if I had been in the congregation I’d have given her a standing ovation. Course, I would have also had to leave because I wouldn’t have been able to stop laughing. That’s the beauty of it when a church turns the kids loose to perform. You just never know WHAT to expect.

Wasn’t that Gwar?

A girl’s soul was posessed by a skin abrader?

A girl’s soul was posessed by a skin abrader?

definately done by green jelly - that song is sooo kewl!!!

Scylla, could you give me some advice on raising kids, my daughter is 8 weeks tomorrow, and by the sounds of it, i want her to grow up just like your little one :slight_smile:

Ok mental note: Have offspring, teach them to sing NIN songs, go to chruch.

Yeah, I imagine “Closer” would go over real well.

The little pigs song was done by the Mucky Pups, ie, the band made famous as the performers of the “Deathtongue” song for Bloom County. Did Green Jello do it too?

Yes, Green Jelly sang it.

My friend had the album (on casette tape). The best song was “Teenage Rave”. It was about a couple doing bondage and S&M. Hysterical.

“Whip me teenage babe!” “Oh, here’s Snakey!!!”