Well...this is the obligatory why was rjung banned thread..

To many posts to be a sock. I went through his posts for the last couple of days saw nothing worthy of banning. Did I miss something or was something removed?

HUH? rjung was banned?

I never saw anything nasty. Unless he asked for a sabatical, and they didn’t get a chance to change it yet…

No way. I may be a relative newbie, but I know enough to know him as a respectable poster.

[gasp] Bill Gates got his REVENGE

I’m going to miss him, but, er, aren’t we not supposed to do this sort of thing?

Says “BANNED” under his name… but I didn’t see anything objectionable from him.

I’m not sure why so many people seem to have missed this. But as has been stated quite often in the past few weeks, if you want to know why soneone was banned, email a moderator or administrator.

What on earth kind of purpose is this thread supposed to serve? “Obligatory” my ass.


well, color me curious.

This could be it

He insults december pretty bad, and in GD, not the Pit. That’s the worst I could find in his recent posts.

Then they should change the description don’t you think?


I’ve heard worse from Collunsbury in GD, and so far, neither have been warned by mods.

Color me :confused:

No, not really. Can you tell me what purpose this thread serves?

Blow it out your ear, andros.

Well, that was definitely useful.

I’ve seen rjung around for a long time. If that thread in GD is why he was banned…I don’t know what to say. Wow. I’ve seen newbies get away with a lot more than that.

As for e-mailing the mods on a banning…sure, it’s appropriate for a newbie. But when it’s someone everybody knows, a thread like this might forestall a flood of e-mails to the mods.

Well remember, sometimes people ask to have themselves banned when the SDMB “habit” becomes more like an addiction and starts impacting your life and useful free time negatively, and you doubt your ability and/or willpower will allow you to stay away. I’d be fibbing if I claimed I haven’t considered asking for it.

I think you’re right, Duke, and if everyone did mail them to ask there would be a flood. But it’s the policy, and I can’t see them changing it now.

See, what gets me is our automatic response of “well, if that’s what caused it, it’s really sucks and stuff.” I’m not picking on you, Duke–I have the same reaction.

But we don’t know the circumstances. We do know that will not be told the juicy details in this thread.

Which means we either get worked up about something without knowing the facts, or we find out the facts by email a mod as requested.

In my opinion, this thread is not serving to gain facts, and is instead an excuse to get worked up.

Andros, this seems so obvious to me, that I wonder how it can escape you. Perhaps this is why you’ve been met with antagonism.

You may as well ask, “What is the purpose of a wake?”

It appears you are the only one getting worked up.

At least when you have a wake, you have a pretty good certainty that the victim is dead.

In this case, the bereaved may have been cryogenically preserved, presumed dead but no body, put into a witness-protection program, or simply have faked his own death.

But I’ll drink his Scotch and have some more food, thank you.