Welp, my birthday has arrived again

My birthdays have become less and less eventful since hitting 21. Nowadays it’s “Oh Frank, it’s your birthday? Lemme buy you a drink.” Sure, I’ll take the free drink but it’s still nothing special.

Anyway, my mom has been bugging me all week to go out to dinner. I finally said yes but only if I could pick the resturant.

We’re doing sushi tonight. :slight_smile: She’s never had it before so this could be interesting. I’ll try to post how my mom does on her first trip to the sushi bar.

Many happy returns of the day, said Pooh.

Happy birthday, Frank!

Wait until 34 (mine’s today too)–even less exciting because you don’t even mention it anymore. Happy Birthday anyhow, and raise a California roll to me and I’ll lift a pint to you.