We're Discussing $10 Worth of Cat Food

After the Siamese went to cat heaven, I have about ten large cans of brand cat food which the three legged ditz won’t eat.

I have a couple of options:

  1. Give them to people at work (stuff that, they can afford to buy their own,

  2. Give them to the RSPCA (local refuge)

  3. Give them to the vet.

I know the vet has a lot of pensioners on his books who may at times not be able to afford decent cat food. However, I’m wary that some may be loaded and cry poor for a cut rate.

I’d like to donate to RSPCA, but if the likelihood is the animals are going to be put to sleep is it just a last supper?

Any views?

Why not donate them to someone like the Cat’s Protection League? A worthy recipient like the RSPCA and many of them are “No Kill” so they’d be feeding hungry kitties who will be able to enjoy Teh Nomz until they’re homed appropriately.

Fuck the ArseSPCA Cicero, with their slap-happy kill policy.

A local pensioner would be thrilled with your generous gift. Surely they’re not hard to find!

I think the easiest way is to take a stroll in the 'hood.

The Cat Society would definitely take them, but you’d have to get it all to them. Pain in the arse…

The RSPCA and the vet are around the corner. The Cat Society could be miles away. I am not that altruistic,

And I am not suggesting the RSPCA has a slap happy kill policy. They do get inundated with unwanted animals and they do have restricted resources.

And part of the shelter’s restricted resources is lack of money to feed the animals in their care. Donations of things like food and litter can mean an adoptable animal gets an extra day or two.

They DO have a slap happy kill policy, Cicero - but that’s another thread for another day…

I’m sure if you took your cat food to your local vet, they’d be pretty aware of who could do with it; whether or not they’d be bothered, only you would know. Some vets are more caring than others in that way.

Write a nice note and leave 'em on the local crazy cat lady’s doorstep. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d give the food to the vet. My vets have always been the sort of people who find kittens and puppies on their doorstep, and they try to place the strays, and sometimes people bring in adult strays…so I’m sure that if your vet is a similar sort, that s/he could find a deserving cat or two which would enjoy some good food. Otherwise, I’d go down to the Humane Society and give it to them, I know that they are always looking for food donations.

How about a food bank? Many people who get their food at food banks have pets that are hungry too.

Are there websites like freecycle.org or Craig’s List in Australia?

Is your goal to get them out of the house as quickly and easily as possible, or to do the greatest good for the most deserving?

The Meals on Wheels program accepts donations of pet food. That might be a good way to ensure that your donation goes to a pet owner in need.

Go to the kill shelter and adopt another cat. :slight_smile: Win-win!

I don’t know anything firsthand of the RSPCA. Is there a reason to think they’re being especially inhumane in the way they euthanize their animals?

If it’s just because they are a kill shelter, well, I don’t see kill shelters as evil. The only reason no-kill shelters in the US are able to operate as no-kill is because they can turn animals away and choose to accept only the most adoptable ones. I don’t blame kill shelters for having to euthanize the countless unadoptable animals they wind up with because some people are too irresponsible to spay/neuter their pets. Most shelter workers probably would rather not have to kill any animals.

I keep dog and cat food in my car because I feed strays I come across.


I thought pensioners getting by on cat food was purely a US phenomenon.

‘Maybe Charlie’s been around so long because Alpo’s been around so long.’

I took them to the RSPCA- Crazy Cat Lady swayed me.

It would have been easier if the worthless three legged blue persian ate anything except Kangaroo mince. I washed him yesterday and took him to the vet to get him shaved today.

I asked the vet if I got a discount as he has only three legs and not as much to shave. The girl at the counter thought I was serious.

Hell, you should get a discount on the shave because the cat has one less set of claws to use!

What’s the difference between a cat and a comma? One has claws at the end of its paws, and one is a pause at the end of a clause.

Gosh, you have just turned the contest for worse joke of the year into a no race. :slight_smile:

Hey, it’s a CLASSIC. I think that joke is older than I am, you just don’t hear it very often. Because most people have better taste than I.