West Coast Bias

With the college football season quickly approaching I figured I’d use my first post to ask for opinions from the SDMB football fans out there on West Coast Bias. Some claim that it doesn’t exist while those of us watching from the SEC can’t remember the last time USC wasn’t touted as the best team in college football history. So do you believe that a West Coast Bias exists(especially with regards to major sports media outlets)? If so do you believe that this bias is unfair or warranted?

A USC bias certainly exists; like you said, ask anyone in the SEC. The whole of SoCal could be sucked into a ravenous chasm, never to be heard from again, and USC might drop one spot in the rankings.

Please note, however, that I’m a UGA fan and, as such, am a generally bitter individual.

I can’t believe this at all. I have never heard of a west coast bias. The complaint has always been that there is an anti-west coast bias. Really marginal teams from the SEC and Big-10/12 get rated for no good reason. (And there’s ND of course.)

Note how western teams with perfect nor near perfect records are always left out of the good bowls since they don’t belong to the right conference.

When I used to care about such things, the telling comparison was match-ups across conferences. Pac-10 going like 12-3 against the Big-10.

If there’s any bias out there, I’d say it’s the Big 10 and Notre Dame that get consistently overrated. As ftg says, the Pac 10 actually puts up the numbers on the field to support its rankings.

I don’t agree at all. It’s been a Florida bias. Florida, Florida State, and Miami. If not them, then the Oklahoma/Nebraska/Texas bias.

Agreed. If any bias exists, its over on the righthand side of the map, and with notre dame.

USC is ranked where they belong because of talent, skill and coaching.

Damn Vince Young! :mad:

There is some West coast bias, but there’s also a good amount of Florida bias.

Perennially, Michigan gets a little inflated at the beginning. Lloyd Carr’s conservative playcalling always screws them up, and then they charge at the end.

Notre Dame gets the worst inflation of them all.

In the interest of full disclosure, I wish for Notre Dame and USC to be at the very bottom of D-1 athletics each and every year. Notre Dame can have the lower of the two spots. Obviously, my disdain for everything leprechaun-y and trojan-y (save condoms) is only rivalled by my hate of everything Yankee.

Just don’t mention the East Coast Bias. I pay for my vacations every Christmas with the money I win betting against Syracuse and Boston College the first time they play a real team every year. Rutgers is going to fall into that category this year, too. I can’t wait.