We've come a long way

Back in the old days (last spring) this was a much more kind and gentle board.

Back then, in the Pit, all it took was the use of the word “asswipe”, or the phrase “you ingorant twat” to get seriously threatened with banishment.


These days it is a normal, everyday occurence to see fellow posters called names like “cum-burping gutter slut” and a quick look at titles shows things like:

“Stupid fucking morons…”

“…pucker up ass-slammer”

“…eat my shit”

…and so on. In addition, we can now read requests that posters die slow and painfully, threats of lawsuits, etc.

Sheesh. I feel like the Captain Kangaroo of the BBQ PIT. You people are much more nasty, hateful, and foul-mouthed that I ever had hoped to be…

Now understand that I’m not complaining mind you. I’m not on a crusade to clean things up around here, I’m merely reflecting upon how much this SDMB culture has changed in such a relatively short time.

Have any of you asswipes noticed this? :smiley:

Krispy Original – The original SDMB bad boy

No, I haven’t. Fuckwad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Livin’ on Tums, vitamin E and Rogaine

I have no idea what you’re talking about, fuckface.
PS- you’re ugly as a hatfull of assholes.


Love is like popsicles…you get too much you get too high.

Not enough and you’re gonna die…
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It’s not the swearing that concerns me as much as the assumptions and miscommunications from obviously educated and intelligent people.

Only a total loser would say something like that.

Obviously, the board has been infiltrated by either the CIA, extra-terrestrials, demons from Hell or any combination of the three.

My only complaint about the swearing is that it’s seldom very imaginative. I prefer:

“Any intelligent thought you may have had in the past has obviously died of loneliness.”

“May insects enter your asshole, lay eggs and may the larva eat their way to your mouth.”

“May you be forced to drive a Ford Pinto. Or a Yugo.”

“May you be forced to replace your current browser with Netscape Navigator 1.0.”

“May you lose all your passwords for all eternity.”

“How long did Mommy say you could use her computer today?”

“Please do not post your picture; there may be children reading this thread.”

“It’s obvious that there is evolution, and the missing link is you.”

“Is that your final answer?”


What? After 8 months on these boards I have finally developed some sort of acceptable Vulgar English Vocabulary (V.E.V.), and now you’re telling me that’s a BAD thing???

You MotherHumpin’ Turtle Feltcher !


"You know how complex women are"

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Yeah? Well, wrap it up and take it for a walk, people!

Preferably to a bar. Where you can down a few (or several) with some of your fellow SDMBers who are willing to come out in the open.


You’re right KO, it has changed and likely will continue to proceed on this oddly divergent path of incremental increases in the number of rules, while the discourse gets (what?) farther and farther out there.

Krispy, Beatle, do you perceive any causes? Do y’all thnk the fact that there are over 4000 registered users lowers the bar?

Wow a pit thread that could actually be sent to GD. Hmmmm. Not only that, but it is ironic that K.O. aka C#3 is one of the calmest posters we have…
My theory: The REALKrispy has actually been abducted by aliens so he wouldn’t all of the pod people who have recently joined the board.

Or it’s a a vast right wing conspiracy wrought to disrupt the “Cliche clique”

I think the problem is that we haven’t been clique-ish enough.
Owww, stop hitting me!

The Top 10 Greatest Things About Procrastination:


Should be:

Damn Damn Damn

Krispy quote,

“Sheesh. I feel like the Captain Kangaroo of the BBQ PIT. You people are much more nasty, hateful, and foul-mouthed that I ever had hoped to be.”

I seem to recall you suggesting that a certain poster smear his wife with shit before he assfucked her. This was months before the GQ spam/porn post ban.

That doesn’t seem like something Cpt. Kangaroo would say. Were you perchance thinking of Mr. Greenjeans?

Krispy: perhaps you, as one of the first folks ever banned from the board, could answer this query: and what do you see as your part in the change of tone here?

Feel free to add your own V.E.V. expressions to this post.