Whadya think of Enterprise: Broken Bow (spoilers)?

I watched the TV movie Enterprise: Broken Bow tonite. It is the pilot for the new Star Trek series staring Scott Bakula.

It is supposed to be set about 100 years before the original Star Trek series. I thought it was intresting how they tried to make things appear less sophisticated that the original show (with plywood sets) even though their special effects are 100 times better. The bridge and especially the crew quarters had very low ceilings and were small. They just developed phasers and a transporter.

The female vulcan was great looking. :cool: She seemed to show a fair bit of emotion right from the start. She does not have the excuse of being half human so I wonder what that was about.

I will give this series a chance. I like that that in the series humans will be exploring planets outside of the solar system for the first time. What did others think of this movie?

Bastard! How the censored did you get to watch this about 24 hours before the rest of us addicts?

My level of interest is this: I’ll watch the premiere, but at nine I’ll also start flipping over to Love Cruise, because the latter is set on a Windjammer, I’ve been on a Windjammer cruise, and I want to see the ship they use.

I’ll be very, very surprised if Enterprise does not suck.

When was the last time something called “Star Trek” anything did not suck? “Wrath of Khan”? One or two episodes of TNG? I’ll probably watch, but my expectations are way, way low. Too many anachronisms right off the bat.

I thought it was decent, personally i could do without those winks to the “long time” fans, to show it really is a startrek show.
Certainly one of the better startrek pilots i felt (previous series pilots have some pretty cringe-worthy scenes though that might be hindsight)
I think i’ll follow it, if only to see where they’ll take it.

Was it just me or was that cleansing scene a bit gratuitous.
Since vulcans don’t feel shame i rather felt she should have no problems showering nekked. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who says Vulcans don’t feel shame? It was established in TOS that Vulcans are VERY private and embarrassed about such things as pon farr. A nudity taboo seems entirely appropriate for Vulcans.

But let’s not stray from the real issue here, Mikemike2 and Saitou: How did y’all see a show that doesn’t air until this evening?

A friend came over last night with the tape, i have no clue how he got hold of it but we weren’t complaining.

Yes you’re right, but technically isn’t shame an emotion?
[sub]ok i’ll admit it, i just wanted to see her nekked, was that soooo wrong of me? well was it? was it?[/sub]

Barbarian and Fiver- I watched it in Calgary on our local TV station. I was suprised that no one else had posted about it. Usually if anything we get movies later than in the US.

I also thought the design for the Enterprise was interesting. It is based on the design we are used to, but is bulkier looking. It has several odd bulges and has a look of heavy metal plating. Again I guess it is to look less advanced than the enterprise in the original Star Trek series. I can see where keeping everything less advanced than technology conceived in the 1960s could be difficult for a show which likes to showcase new technological possibilities or fantasies.

The disinfectant scene with the Vulcan female may have been gratiutous, be she has one hard body. I noticed the Vulcan ears (were where you looking?) are less pronounced than in other series.

Definite Spoiler- There is a funny line at the end. After surviving their first fire fight on the Enterprise, Scott Bakula says in all seriousness “I hope nobody ever shoots at us again.” Not to likely.

I haven’t see the premiere yet, but on a related note, I now know I am a true Star Trek geek when, after viewing the official startrek.com site today, I sent the following e-mail to the webmaster:



Yep, it’s official, you’re hooked. It happens. I used to be way hooked, but then I did a summer as a Ferengi at an amusement park and I was cured. But I am gonna watch the show tonight. Damn you folks are lucky to have seen it already. I’ve read the script, but it’s just not the same. Just 4 and a half hours. Yay!!! I can’t wait . . .ummm . . .

But seriously, I’m over it.

DaLovin’ Dj

I think some of the more hardcore fans will have a fun time finding anachronisms tonight, better grab a sheet of paper and some pencils folks.

Rillian, I’m sorry but i’m fairly sure they mention starfleet a couple of times.
However you could always repeat to yourself “It’s just an alternative timeline” :smiley:

Liked it very much. I think what I liked about it was the subtle differences. Engineering had a more workman like look to it, people crawling in and around the engines, the metal laders and catwalks reminded me of the time I toured the Engine room of the HMS Haida.

I like the characters quite a bit. Probably the best of all the Trek pilots, but as I mentioned in another post… PLEASE DROP THE SAPPY OPENING MUSIC!

I loved it!! Bakula is going to be a great captain. It’s story line will give actors a chance to act. I love the idea that they still feel this xenophobia.

A few things I didn’t like, but they didn’t spoil the show.
I wasn’t keen on the opening song thingy. The black guy (they called him a boomer or something) was pretty stiff. I mean a guy that grew up on space vessels should be a little more cocky. Just me I guess. Lastly, the engineer and the british guy looked way too much alike. I was getting them confused in the dark scenes on the alien planet.

All in all, I will watch it again. If the story lines stay fresh then they have a fan in me.


T’Pol is one hot Vulcan, and she certainly was giving off body language at the very end of that decontamination scene!

There’s a difference between “Starfleet” and “The United Federation Of Planets”. The former existed before the latter, apparently.

The Vulcans were one of the founding races of the Federation if I remember correctly. It seems at this point the relationship between humans and Vulcans is somewhat strained, and humans hardly know of a handful of other races, so it at least makes sense that there is no Federation yet.

I really liked the show. It’s certainly the best Trek pilot I’ve seen. The spare, no frills look to everything was cool, and the way the equipment looked (relatively) low tech without looking cheesy. The decontamination scene was way gratuitous, but, er, well then. Hopefully the writers will keep up the good work. I thought DS9 had a good first season, then tapered off until the end when it was good again. But by that time I had missed all the major threads from the stupid years, so I didn’t know what was happening.

Cool!!! I am very happy with it. Although I’m still wary of the time thing but as for the rest I thought everything was way cool. We got to visit a really dirty low down place with wierd nearly nude dancers eating moths. Something I’d expect to see in Star Wars, not Star Trek. For the first time since TOS there is no particular crew member who annoys the hell out of me, I’m fine with all of them. Good start, I hope they keep it up!

And that was an incredibly sexual decontamination scene. I loved it! And I don’t find her all that attractive. But still …

Oh the IMDB still has the medic as a Vulcan! Somebody who remembers their registration codes need to tell them they are wrong.

Oh, and does anyone here speak Klingon?

What does the Klingon say to J. Archer at the end? The one where he doesn’t want to know?

Was anyone else disturbed that apparantly, in the not too distant future ‘power rock’ ballads come back into style

maybe they cryogenically froze Michael Bolten in the mid 21rst century so they could get him to do the them music for this show YUCK-I almost turned it off before it started…I’m glad I didn’t though…post bad theme music the actual show was pretty good.

oh, and that shower scene was a joke. I 've heard many people complain that producers need to “sex” star trek up more…but that was just plain silly

of course it wouldn’t have been silly if Scott Bakula was rubbing hot oil all over his body…but I digress.

I didn’t care much for the hokey #2 guy. Liked Bakula, but I got bored about an hour and a half into it. I guess I didn’t watch Voyager (except the pilot), but did 7 O’ 9 show as much nipple as that vulcan lady. That must be some futuristic material, because I thought those things were going to break on through. A little bit riske’. This is a family franchise! :slight_smile:

The British guy seemed pretty worthless. Can anyone asertain the OC and TNG equivalents to each character?