What 1980's movie with aliens is this?

I remember watching this movie in the 80’s but I don’t remember the title. I think the essential gist is that aliens came to earth and seemed friendly but really weren’t. The main plot point I remember (hopefully not erroneously) is that they would touch a human’s forehead, which would cause the human to sort of shrivel up into an energy ball.

Note, I know I am not thinking of V. However, the plot does seem a little derivative.

1980’s alien invader film with folks shrivelling into energy balls


This probably isn’t it but there was a Star Trek:TNG episode like that once. Somehow, the evil beings ended up (I believe in Victorian times) on Earth where they walked around with canes touching people and taking away their energy in little shimmering balls of light. That’s the only one I can think of and, god knows, I’ve seen a lot of 80’s alien movies.

That would be Time’s Arrow. Archeologist’s on Earth uncover a group of 500 year old artifacts-including Data’s head. This 2 part episode also had Mark Twain and Jack London.

Definitely not Star Trek related.
After looking at Strange Invaders, that sure sounds like the right kind of plot. Looks like I’ll be heading to the video store tonight!

Thanks a bundle, DocCathode

Further Details-
Scene with thirsty alien in hotel room.
Aliens also shoot energy bolts from their fingers.
Protagonist finds another man whose family also disappeared. He has spent 30 or so years in a mental hospital because ‘If I talked or tried to find my family, I’d be a danger to them. As long as I stay here and keep quiet, I’m no threat and they leave me alone.’

The protagonist’s wife turns out to be an alien. Their daughter is a hybrid. Daughter sides with humans during climax. Also during climax, all the humans the aliens have turned to energy balls are restored to human form

And that spoiler clinches it. I knew I remembered people that were supposedly gone coming back to life. Woohoo!