What are the "best" threads ever in the respective forums?

I ask, of course, in the hopes that posters will ink to those threads so the rest of us may read them. What defines the “best” thread is purely subjective, of course, so there will obviously be quite a few good ones mentioned.

In that spirit I remember a great thread with a poster asking for suggestions to kill gophers (or woodchucks maybe) infesting his farm. Does anyone remember this or care to share a link.

Well, to state the obvious, the big LotR thread was the best ever in Cafe Society, because (1) it attracted a lot of attention to the board and (2) it produced a huge amount of entertaining material.

The pizza in a blender thread, which I think was in GD, was the best thread ever.

My fav. from GQ has always been one of the first threads I ever read, the:

“Do they make PVC big enough to launch a goat out of?”. Ahhh…a classic.

One from a while ago:

Is it illegal to carve your name in the moon with a big ass laser?

May 5, 1945 - we shall remember. This has got to be the Best Thread Ever.

Watershed moments in SDMB history; or, the SDMB Anthology Project.

There have been a lot of entertaining and informative threads.

There have been some very touching threads and some full of contrasting views and emotions.

But, only one stands out in my mind. It was finished and done with before e’er i came here, but thanks to links, I found it and it lives on. It put the world picture into terms that anyone could see. Explained just how smal the world is and how big even one man in that world can be. It examined both the logic and emotion which fuels our world, and showed us an ideal that this planet’s inhabitants can strive towards.

It touched me, and continues to enrich everyone who happens to chance upon it.

What is it?

May 5th, 1945 (linked to by Johnny LA a few posts above)

OpalCat compiled some classic threads on the Teeming Millions website.