What are these symbols in the lower left section of this persons rear window glass?

Window here

Pregnant women… or what? I’m not familiar with that symbol.

Apparently, the driver had only three sperm, albeit large ones, and chose to deposit them on his rear window.

They are buckmarks. They look like a deer. It is a logo for Browning. There is one that represents each of her family members. She is the pink one.

I presume the person who would have been represented by a buckmark is the one she just got divorced from. Those must be doemarks and/or fawnmarks.

It looks like maybe the left-most has been erased?

You know… I think you are correct. These household member symbols usually start right near the edge. It appears the buck has been passed.

Oh deer.

OP’s link points to an article on Huffington Post.

WTF is it with HuffPo? Every time I open a page there (even just one), it ties up my computer’s CPU 100% on-and-off, such that the page never really finishes loading and what does load bogs down my machine so much that I can barely navigate around the page. And that’s with JavaScript turned OFF.

If I turn JavaScript ON, it gets even worse. CPU bogged down 100% solidly; page never finishes loading; navigation around this page or other browser tabs nigh impossible. What gives?

Could be a tally that he’s killed 3 does.

Ugh. No deer. Ass too high, run too fast. :eek:

Three cello players.

Correct, it’s just the Doe half.

I’ve never seen that logo before. If I’d had to guess, I would have said that it looked to me sort of like the silhouette of a pregnant woman, and that it meant that he had knocked up three women so far.

That truck’s back window leaves me wondering why people want to publicly display how big of an a-hole they are.

I know. Weren’t the Florida plates sufficient?

What is Browning? Some kind of university?


A gun manufacturer. Browning

You really need to tell the rest of the joke, because I can’t remember anything but that punch line.