What are you doing right now?

I am drinking London Gin with OJ and eating a chocolate cupcake.

I’m drinking Black Velvet and watching Trojans vrs. Beavers

Eating cajun salmon with broccoli and brown rice.

Sitting in a training to learn the system that lets me look up personal information on registered voters so that I can persuade them to vote Democratic. (I’ve done it before, having worked in the campaign office two years ago. That’s why I’m on the Dope.)

Typing this post. :eek: :o

(Or eating Twiglets and playing CSI: Dimensions of Murder on another computer)

I’ve just finished doing some work on the actuarial valuation of a small, run-off reinsurer.

Now I’m thinking about what I’ll have for lunch.

I’m reading the Dope and eating pizza and drinking lemonade.

I ordered the pizza online and used my debit card, and didn’t put a tip on the card. I had a tip in my pocket to give to him. The delivery guy must have figured he wasn’t getting a tip, because he practically threw the pizza box at me and took off back to his car. I’ve always had to sign the slip before, but he didn’t even have me do that. I had to call him back to get his tip, but now I’m thinking I just should have let him go without it and leave a message for him with his boss regarding why he didn’t get a tip. Asshole.

I’m just finishing up a big glass of iced tea, and contemplating what my bedtime reading will be this evening.

Watching Casablanca, drinking wine and surfing the net

Surfing the Dope when I’m supposed to be writing an essay.

Browsing the Dope with the Mets game on in the background. My legs are cold, but Duncan is asleep on my lap, and I’d have to wake him up to go close the windows.

Under $25 you don’t have to sign. Maybe the other delivery drivers you’ve gotten didn’t know that. If he thought he wasn’t getting a tip I don’t blame him for being in a hurry to get to his next drop off which, statistically, was probably going to tip him. From his point of view, he just brought a hot dinner literally to your doorstep using his own car and his own gas, and now he has to pay the government as if you tipped him 15% when in actuality you gave him nothing at all. You cost him money and didn’t even say thanks, or in the vernacular you fucked him in the ass and didn’t even have the goddamn common courtesy to give him a reach around. I know you tipped him but I’m telling you what he was thinking when he thought you weren’t going to. And yes, most pizzerias “reimburse” you for your gas but no, it’s not enough to cover your gas cost - it wasn’t even enough when I was delivering and gas was $1.05. I’m not being a hardass here but I feel strongly about this because I did it and I’m just trying to let you know how he feels. I was working on a movie a few months ago and the director ordered pizza for a couple of us and gave this idiot grip the money to pay the driver - a $20 and a $10. The delivery guy got there and said the pizza was $19.9x and the moron handed him the $20, grabbed the pizza, and walked away. I said hey, wait, wasn’t the $10 supposed to be for the tip? He just started at it and said he didn’t know, and then the director came over and said yes. We tried to flag the driver down but by that time he was backing out of the driveway and so pissed he wouldn’t look at us. All I’m sayin’ is I don’t blame him. If you don’t want to tip (royal “you”; not you, Alice) that’s fine but go pick up the pizza yourself. Delivery guys work for tips.

Doing one last lap around the Dope before I go take a bath and go to bed. I’ve been working all day on a freelance gig and I’m totally fucking fried.

Munching on the best cantaloupe I’ve had in six months and waiting for my bath water to heat up. Tonight’s the perfect night for a really hot bath.

I know to tip the pizza guy, or any other food delivery person, Cisco- I wouldn’t dream of not tipping. I’d be mortified if I ordered food for delivery and didn’t tip. I agree with you 100 percent that not tipping is wrong, but dude should at least make sure he’s not getting tipped before getting pissy.

Reading the Dope, sipping a very nice rye, and petting the cats.

Having a glass of juice and chatting with some pals.

Drinking Glenfiddich and listening to Slayer on my ipod (at the moment).

I am loading iTunes onto my brand spankin’ new laptop!
And I am realizing that all the bad hype about Vista was absolutely true…geez.

Eating a salad with pork, making future dinner plans with a friend, about to get on the treadmill and watch Comedy Central.