What are you looking forward to in '13?

I got the idea while looking at this thread.

What are you excited for next year?

Me: '13 will be a HUGE year for my wife and I. Our little girl will be born on the 28th of January (she will be named Eliana). Two months after that I will graduate with a B.A. in history. While graduating during the worst recessions since the Great Depression is a bit scary, I’m stoked to find out where we’ll end up. I’m blessed with a wife who is willing to move anywhere with me without complaint.

I was taken aback when I was putting the Christmas tree away yesterday. I realized that the next time it goes up Eliana might be walking. :eek:

That is so cool!

I am very excited for 2013, too, mainly for travel. Feb 8 we leave for a 3 week trip to New Zealand! Bucket list trip. We are also rafting the Salmon River in Idaho for 10 days next summer, and probably going diving in Bonaire in the fall (prepping for Palau in Feb '14).

Looking forward to the possibility of starting an online certification in my field, at which I’m mainly self-taught. It depends on whether it will work with the travel schedule. :slight_smile:

In only seven years it will be the twenties! :slight_smile:

I hope you’re not just going by an ultrasound while you’re naming your unborn child. Two of my neighbors were told about their upcoming baby girls. The one mother took over a month to adjust to the little boy that came out of her, since she’d picked a name for their little girl and was so excited to see her. Even the dad handed it back to the doctor saying “that’s not mine, I have a girl!”. Not quite sure how the other family handled it, but the doctor was sure surprised to hear that the baby was named Benjamin.

Congrats on the upcoming new baby though. That’s a great way to start off the year.

Me, I look forward to every day. I also look forward to accomplishing more of my goals. Maybe I’ll try learning a new language. It can’t be that hard, can it? :smiley:

Spring. Spring would be good. I am fucking cold.

Basically empty-nester stuff.

We have a new (to us) boat. Finally sold the ski/wakeboard craft we’ve kept around for the kids, and got something bigger and more comfortable for the oldsters. We’re looking forward to visiting places like Powell, Ouachita, and Texoma now that we have the range and ability for overnight stays (camping on the water, so to speak). The former boat was too little to carry very much, or very far.

Also, our youngest graduates high-school this spring (and off to college in the fall). That means for the first time in 8 effing years, we’re not marching band parents. Fall is by far the best camping and boating season, and we just got it back.

Thirdly, we pay off the house this year.

And as icing on the cake, 2013 is the year we both get 4 weeks of vacation.

We’re almost giddy.

WE’RE MOVING!!!11!!!

Sorry, I’m just really ecstatic. I hate this house, we’ve lived here in TN for 10 years, and while it’s beautiful there’s really nothing here for me. I have no friends near, this house is a hovel, trying to do anything with my horse hobby is impossible here, Hubby’s job has been one stressful nightmare after another… basically I’ve been miserable.

But, bless the man, he let me put his CV out and about, and he got several good offers. And he took the one in Columbia SC, which is nearly horse-heaven for me. It should be a good gig for him too - decent pay and lots of time off, and good benefits.

We’ll be moving in May, I think. This will be move #25 for me (29 if you count college dorms & houses) and I still can’t wait.

Here’s to 2013 - may it be a whole new beginning for us!

Last year was a bit rough. My Dad passed away and there was a lot to deal with. Just glad that’s over.

This year, ’13 my Wife and I have a big trip planned. Three weeks in Germany and Austria (we live in Colorado/USA). That should be something. I’ve the Rosetta Stone software and am working on learning German. That’s fun in itself.

I’m also really looking forward to continue learning the banjo. It’s been great fun, and about every 2 months or so I have an epiphany about music. Sometimes it’s physical, as in how to play, sometimes it’s an OH! That’s what they mean.

Release of a website that I have been working on for years. It’s been held up by system administration and politics.

I’m looking forward to a long leisurly holiday abroad somewhere.

Recently I’ve only been getting a day off every couple of months, and its knackering me out.

I start a new job tomorrow so I’m looking forward to that. I’m looking forward to shaking off the grief and pain and disillusionment that was 2012 and starting over again. This is going to be difficult but, in the end, I very much hope a good thing. Happy New Year, here’s to all of us!

Buying a house and getting my first research lab up and running. My son turns 18 and graduates high school. Lots going on!

My gf and I are going to get our passports. Where are we going to go? Dunno, so far we can’t decide. Maybe France, maybe Australia, maybe Mexico… dunno. Because of financial obstacles, going abroad has never really been an option until now. Yay!

My second kid is due Jan. 25th! Congrats!

After we adjust to that, we’re putting this house on the market and looking for a bigger one. :frowning: I really don’t want to move, but this place is tiny.

I’m looking forward to winning the Lottery, which I’m absolutely convinced will happen this year sometime, the sooner the better.

Meanwhile I just hope that things will turn out better than last year.

Zero Dark Thirty opens here January 11 (no idea why it took almost a month after its opening in New York and LA to hit DC). The next Die Hard film’s coming in March. Other than that, I got nothin’.

My first European vacation is planned for this year. We’re spending a couple days with my BIL and SIL in Germany to break a life long failure to ever visit them in any of their many temp locations and then it’s on to actual vacation. A week in Austria, a week in Italy, both with my daughter and then we put her on a plane and we board a cruise ship for an eastern med cruise.

I can’t wait, my to do lists and travel planning is carefully spaced out over the first 3 months of the year to keep me under control :slight_smile:

2012 felt like a year of passing time… because everything big is going to happen in 2013. I’m getting married on March 23rd. My fiancee finishes her residency this year, so depending on where she ends up working after that, I may be moving, changing jobs, going back to school for my MBA, or some combination of the three. A first house purchase seems quite likely this summer as well. Now that the holidays are over, I’m ready to attack all of it!

Finally being awarded the Nobel sartorial excellence prize for being consistently well dressed while having absolutely nowhere special to go. :cool:

I feel like this will be the year it happens.

My only definite plans so far are a week off at the end of January to go see The Who in SoCal and Oakland. The trip will also include visiting Cars Land, the USS Iowa, meeting up with my best friend from San Diego, and dinner with my brother and his wife for his birthday.

My best friend who I love coming to visit this summer.