What are you thankful for? (Canadian Thanksgiving thread, a day early)

I know it’s a day early (Thanksgiving is on Monday for us Canadians), but decided I might as well post this up now. You don’t have to be Canadian to participate in this, by the way… Thanksgiving isn’t the only occasion where we should be thankful, even if you don’t celebrate it yourself. :wink:

I’m thankful for:

the friends I’ve made here and elsewhere on the Internet, whether old or new (especially Spoz, dantheman, Tuckerfan, Steve Wright, Why A Duck, lel, Scotticher, Cerowyn, Ice Wolf, LeeJam, jackelope, Snooooopy, TheLoadedDog, and Aslan of Narnia… this list is in no particular order, by the way)

all my real-life friends (especially those in the church community, and Yazmine) [most especially Eunice, Eric, Nathan, Andrea, and my other close church friends]

my family (even though I might complain about them, I still like 'em to a certain extent :wink: )

the kids that I know at church (they keep life very interesting, believe me!)

the books I read… they allow me to escape to another world for a while!

I’m sure I can think of more, but not right at the moment. So what are YOU thankful for?