What are your feelings about this woman?


She’s got a lot of self-confidence.

Her web page takes forever to load, so that’s my only opinion of her

She has a blog that I have no interest in reading. Unless you give me a reason?

(Hint - we don’t cotton to people posting a link with no commentary around these parts.)

That’s weird, it loads quickly for me.

Depends on your connection speed. That page has a shit ton of pictures.

I don’t bite on linkbait.

Tell us why we would have any opinion whatsoever on a random blogger. Maybe, discuss YOUR opinion for a little compare-n-contrast action.

My opinion? I think she is beautiful!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


An obese woman with oodles of self confidence. Good for her.

And I’m not answering the pol because it makes no fucking sense what so ever…

Good for you. Thanks for sharing. :rolleyes:

Any other people you want us to rate?

I resent her for prompting this thread.

Not my type. I find the fashion industry boring.

I don’t know her well enough to know if she’s got a good personality or is beautiful aside from her photos. I don’t know if she’s healthy or not.

Overflowing with self-confidence and seems fun! That’s about all I can get from her blog.

To answer your implied question, OP, no, I don’t find her attractive. But there’s no reason for her to give a fuck about my opinion.

I picked “other”.

She is one of three billion on earth, each one unique. This one, for reasons of her own, has decided to publicly display herself, which she no doubt sees as being to her advantage, so at least she is making the best of what she has. Which itself may be admirable.

Some pictures of women will evoke feelings in me. This one doesn’t. That’s about it.

Her hair, eyeglass, and clothing choices would be offputting to me no matter what size she was.

So, are the other 4 billion on earth all identical then?

Assuming jtur88 rounded down from 3.5 billion, the other 3.5 billion people are men.