Why do obese women all dress the same?

The vast majority of obese women, not just overweight (or totally morbidly obese), seem to all have the same look.

They wear these thin cheap looking slacks, never a dress or skirt. They have this blouse – i can’t describe it, but it usually isn’t very feminine and almost never shows off the tops of their only ‘assets’. They cut their hair fairly short but still at ‘breeder’ length. They seem to have good skin (so much fatty foods + no outdoor exercise?) and pour on facepaint, and seem to take unusually good care of their facial makeup, and nails.

One of the reasons I ask is because once–once–I saw a moderately plump girl were a miniskirt and non-masculine ‘blouse’, with long hair, and she was actually attractive. These women could be attractive if they didn’t dress like total slobs and cut their hair off. So what gives?

here is an approximation:

This however is a ‘glamor shot’ and she is wearing a bit more revealing blouse, and her hair is made up, but notice the face and excess fat. Couldn’t find a candid picture of the subject matter, as they are not photographed (for obvious reasons, no one wants to look at them).

Um, unless I’ve drastically misread something, prepare to burn to a crisp.

large women hate their bodies, and will go to any extremes to prevent any sort of sexual suggestion in their dress.

The exceptions to this trend are the women I find most attractive. Bigger than the BMI perfection, ample boosums, hourglass shape, and confident dress/demeanor. These women are very, very hard to find, although the pencil thin might-as-well-be-a-soccer-playing-middleschool-boy female bodytypes just love showing off their non-bodies.

Hoo boy. This thread is not going to end happily, is it?

For the same reason that any sub-culture dresses the same. They’re a sub-culture and that’s what sub-cultures do, be it Goth, bankers, real estate agents, punk rockers, whatever.

I’ve learned that obese female will do ANYTHING to suppress criticism and defend themselves, EXCEPT actually lose weight.

Hopefully they will actually read the message: These girls can look GOOD, but they dress like slobs

And i’m not sure they are embarassed about their fat; if so, they would try to lose it. As it is I think they dont care and dont realize what they have become.

I think its beyond just a ‘sub-culture’. They outnumber punk rockers and skinheads by about 1000000 to 1. At least where I live, which is almost the obesity capital of the US.

But why do sub-cultures exist – definition, cause? You just begged the question I fear.

You are exaggerating, of course, but that number is just ridiculous. There are about 150 million females total in the U.S.; surely there are at least 150 punk rockers where you live.

I’m definitely anti-obesity and an advocate of health here, but let’s not generalize too much…everyone’s different, and people have different reasons for weighing what they do. I think Americans in general have a poor diet and that should change, but I think it should be approached from a health angle and not an image one.

Incidentally, I’m not sure what the picture in the OP is supposed to illustrate. The OP’s message seems to be “Larger women could look attractive to me, even while remaining larger women, if they only chose to dress differently.” But you admit that the woman in the picture has taken such efforts, and the only complaint you bring against her is something about her face [I’m not seeing what, exactly] and “excess fat”.

I was thinking she was supposed to be an example of what you were criticizing, but that doesn’t seem to jibe. Is she actually supposed to be the After shot for the transformation you’re endorsing? [At any rate, I do think she’s reasonably attractive]

Oh dear.

Now that you’re a member, scrambledeggs, do yourself a favor:

  1. Do a search for pit threads and words like obese, overweight.
  2. See the flaming that starts for one using a phrase like “crazy fat slob”, where the weight issue is not the purpose of the pitting.
  3. E-mail a mod stat and beg that they close this thread.
  4. Profit.

You forgot step 3b. ???

Indistinguishable, I’m pretty sure he (she?) was linking to that picture as an example of how he didn’t like obese women to dress.

Humans are instinctually pack animals. We easily gain “us versus them” mentalities, and always seek to conform to the basic requirements of our sub-cultures so that we feel secure that we can remain in it.

And the relative sizes of different sub-cultures isn’t terribly important. You can be the member of several sub-cultures at different hierarchical levels like American->West Coaster->City Person->Computer Geek. Just because a group is very large doesn’t mean that there isn’t some points of homogeneity within its ranks.

I think the OP is saying that, while the woman has gone to lengths to make herself look well-kept and put together and so forth, she isn’t wearing clothes that are sexxeh. From which I would deduce that the OP prefers a bit more bonus meat on his women that just big boned.

I don’t there’s much call to flame an OP for commenting on obesity when he’s being complementary (if picky), though I suspect that the thread will go down in flames anyways.

Since you brought it up, where exactly is that? I think it might be really neat if you would incorporate the name “Obama” in some clever way.

I don’t find the woman in the picture to be unattractive and from what I can see, she’s dressed quite flatteringly for her size. That hair, however…oy. But bad hairdos don’t discriminate with weight. Lots of skinny chicks have scary hair, too.

Why do obese women all dress the same?

They don’t. Next question.

Scrambledeggs, maybe you really should stop posting for a while. Do you have any idea how stupid such a ridiculously broad generalization as that implied by your thread title makes you sound?

ETA: Reading through the rest of your post, I see that you are, in fact, not very bright. Please disregard my previous question. It is, therefore, appropriate for you to use thread titles that give the reader a warning as to the likely stupidity of your actual post. Carry on.

What the hell is ‘breeder length’ hair?

Probably a reference to The Breeders, a rock band. They had hair.

I can’t wait for this thread to progress! :smiley:

‘Breeder’ is a child-free insult for women with children.

As to the OP: fuck right off. Now I’m abandoning this thread before it depresses me more.