Why do obese women all dress the same?

Not content with insulting overweight women, the [d]OP[e] felt compelled to throw in a jab at lesbians. scrambled indeed.

scrambledeggs, you’ve started some interesting topics here, but you’ve also asked some pretty stupid questions and this one is clearly the stupidest. I hope you like your ass, because you’re going to have it handed to you for this shining example of tactlessness and idiocy.

Those of you outside the US, this is our “4th of July” weekend. We celebrate with fireworks.

I just realized that I made it sound like all child-free people insult people with children. I just meant the kind of militant idiot that’s messed up enough to loathe all children - see for example, some of the commenters at cf_hardcore.

Oh, where to start, where to start?

First, the choices for clothing for overweight women are considerably limited if you are of modest resources and shop mainly in the malls and discount stores of America. Especially in the area of dresses and skirts. I can’t count the number of times I would shop for a dress at say, Kohl’s, and spot a pretty fabric or a flattering style in the misses department. I’d head over to the women’s size racks, and get giddy because I’d see the same fabric…only to pull the dress out and see they had made the larger size dress in a less attractive style…higher neckline, less detailing. So unless you can afford higher-end clothes, pants and a top are the most available choices. And unless you shop in places like Torrid, that specialize in lower necklines and trendy, cheap fabrics for teens and twenty-somethings, you are stuck with the higher, cleavage-covering styles in unattractive colors and prints.

Second…what do you mean by “They have this blouse – i can’t describe it, but it usually isn’t very feminine and almost never shows off the tops of their only ‘assets’.”??? You can’t describe it? Try. Is it long sleeve, short sleeve, basic T–shirt style, crew neck, scoop neck, button front, pullover, solid color, print, knit, woven, boxy, tight, dressy, casual…come on, you can describe it if you try! All you were able to spit out was that it didn’t show enough cleavage, which would apparently distract you from the rest of the person’s body and make you perhaps notice them. I personally prefer a lower-cut scoop neck, but they are hard to find, where I shop, though I see lots of big girls wearing them, so they are available somewhere…just not in professional, quality fabrics.

Three…your photo doesn’t work for your example, unless you were considering that woman to be over-made-up. And she doesn’t have the really short hair you seem to be criticizing. You seem to like long hair on women, and that’s fine…I, too prefer longer hair, and hate the short, “oh, it’s so much easier to take care of” style many older women adopt. But women working in a professional capacity generally don’t wear hair much past their shoulders because the moderate lengths look better.

Fourth, you seem to be criticizing bigger girls for not dressing sexy enough, but you admit that you don’t like to look at them (“as they are not photographed (for obvious reasons, no one wants to look at them).”) So can you imagine the criticism big girls get FOR dressing sexy when they can? And many women aren’t comfortable with the attention their “assets” get when they do show cleavage, so they may tend to cover up for day to day wear.

For many overweight girls and women, they just want to get through the day without the nasty comments from people who seem to think losing weight is as simple as slipping off a jacket. It’s not. It’s hard, defeating work, that gets sabotaged and frustrating and expensive and you can spend a lot of months following the rules and still not see enough progress to encourage you to continue.

Scrambledbrains, it’s pistols at dawn, the most direct way for me to fight ignorance.

Fireworks are sometimes indistinguishable from gunshots and may be heard days before the actual 4th.

Speaking of the 4th of July, one of the greatest things about this country is our freedom to dress however the hell we want, within the bounds of decencey and anti-obscenity laws. And I see a lot of people of all sizes walking on the edge of that one.

You’ve beenanti-pitted. Thanks for the inspiration!


A well-dressed, attractive, plus-sized woman

Holy shit…

Dude, just use a shotgun. It’ll be quicker.


One thing to note is that being overweight is a bit of a negative in your career – many people will assume you’re lazy, unprofessional, unenergetic, unmotivated, and so on. Combine that with the relatively limited clothing choices overweight women have compared to svelte women, and add that big girl clothes are almost always more expensive, and you’re going to see a lot of fashion victims.

I don’t really understand the hair thing you’re talking about, though.

scrambledeggs, you are a fucking assmonkey and need to STFU now.

Apparently, scrambledeggs earned himself a one-way trip to oblivion by using the word ‘obese’. Talking about obese people seems to be equated with insulting them. On not-even-so-very close inspection of the OP, however, it appears that, rather than seeking to insult overweight women, scrambledeggs is encouraging them, albeit in a peculiar way, to dress in a way that makes them look more attractive. I don’t see what’s wrong with that and why everyone’s piling on top of scrambledeggs.

I think it’s because of the way he repeatedly insulted and stereotyped the way they dress, which in my book made him sound like kind of a dipshit. (Interestingly, while being overweight can hinder your career, I’m told being an insensitive nimrod can also be a problem.) But maybe I’m crazy.

As my wife will confirm, they’re still pretty limited if you’ve got enough money to buy the clothes you want, and shop online and through the catalogs as well as in the stores.

That was the first thing I thought of when I saw the thread title.

Combine that with the fact that a lot of people are ignorant assmonkeys.

well I don’t think you’re crazy, and I do think that the encouragement-of-sorts offered in the OP is in bad taste and insensitive and overly generalizing and whatnot, but the gist of his pit (I don’t know why he put it here, I think his selection of forums is done more or less at random) is that obese women *can * be attractive and that they can help themselves by dressing differently. I don’t know if that’s true, I guess it’s a matter of taste and nothing to start a thread in the pit about, but saying something like ‘you would look prettier in other clothes’ is not a pittable offense in my book.

I do have to ask, eggsie, how in the world you were able to see and analyze the vast majority of obese women? Is there some sort of a directory or something, with pictures? How many obese (but not just overweight, and not morbidly obese) woman are there? How many of them constitutes a vast majority?

Oh, and what BaneSidhe said, squared.

Obese women? What about obese men?

What’s up with the whole suit/jacket/tie routine anyway?

I think it’s because it’s alarmingly clear with this OP and his(?) follow-up comments that scrambledeggs is yet another suicidal troll—and even more unbearably, that Guinastasia was right. <shudder>

I knew about the term breeder, but I didn’t know we had our own hairstyles that identified us as having popped out a couple of kids.
And I agree with BaneSidhe. Well put!