What Big Project Are You Currently Working On?

So, I recently moved in to my own place and am finding the unpacking/furnishing/decorating of said place to be the major focus of my time after work.

What about you?

Project car. Front suspension, some interior, paint.

Landscaping my whole front and back yards (mostly plant and flower beds, maybe some hardscaping - stuff we can do ourselves, anyway). I imagine it will be a project that will span at least a couple of years.

Your own?? what about kneadtoknow? He has to make booty calls now? :slight_smile:

Anyways, my project is this. Basically combination catching up on 2+ years worth of updates and emailed suggestions, etc. with a couple of changes to the look and feel of the current site.

Yes, I’m that much of a geek that that’s my big project lately, and I’m fully enjoying my time working on it!

No, no - let me clarify. I am renting a townhome - I didn’t buy anything. Still trying to repair my credit from the ex.

As for the booty calls - k2k would confirm that there’s been a huge improvement. We went from living 17 miles apart to 1.1 miles :wink: And - since I no longer have to worry about a roommate - he’s no longer stuck with all the hosting duties!

But seeing as my most recent tenancies have been furnished places, and this was a blank canvas, I’m now having to furnish and decorate my new place from scratch - or at least find the things I do have that have been packed in boxes for 5+ years. So there has been much bargain shopping, creative decorating, and pantry-stocking going on.

Getting my son through his pilot training. I set up a spreadhsheet/plan a long time ago with his Mom (the family finance czar) and agreed to be his instructor thoughout in order to save money. It has involved considerable time and effort* over the last several years, but we are [almost] on track to finish this spring. Hopefully, we’ll complete the Commercial Pilot certificate by May (and his own flight instructor license by mid-June).

*since I’m working for free :slight_smile:

Concur. With bells on. :slight_smile:

OK, whatever kinky stuff you guys are getting up to with bells doesn’t belong here on the SDMB … :wink:

(Just leave the cow* out of it)

*“Kinky is using a feather. Perverted is using the whole chicken.”

Trying to restart a nuclear reactor.

I am just past the halfway point in becoming debt-free. Started in earnest June 2007. We had a business that failed and were left with a ton of debt, so it’s taking a while. By the end of April, we will have paid off 56,000 in 34 months.

Sorting thru 4GB worth of photos and videos from my 10-day road trip. Once I cull out and edit the ones I want to share, then it’s time to upload the images and make a short video with some kind of “on the road” soundtrack.

Lots of projects:
His: front second story deck. Would like to replace the muddy part of our parking area with gravel (it was gravel, we just haven’t added more in recent years, so now its dirt/mud). Reside the garage. Maybe the back second story deck too.

Me: replace dead dwarf fruit trees with full sized apple trees. Note to self - quit buying plants/bulbs/trees via mail order. That shit never works out right. I do all the garden maintenance, weeding etc. I’ve got a few small decorative projects I am going to take on and see if I can improve my skills with welding and mosaics (see below).

Optimistic / big / long term / kinda intimidating projects: mosaic the inside of the pond (this has to wait till the fish are inside and the pond is drained). Replace one of the basement windows with a window I make by welding the frame and creating stained glass inserts for it. These are probably multi-year, but this year will be focused on improving the skills to get there.

ETA: and I think we will have a big cleaning out and getting rid of crap sale.

I’m pregnant.

Beyond that, my biggest project is teaching my sister to manage her finances, and helping her find a job that will pay enough for her to move into her own place. I’m trying not to let that overwhelm the rest of my life, so I’ve whittled down the time I spend on that from two hours every night to just 3 or 4 hours a week.

Then, there are little things like getting the house ready for the kid, learning Mandarin, and the comic book I’m planning to write.

I volunteered to do data entry concerning 109 years of professional baseball for a mom & pop software company.

A book-size collection of my various stories, essays, sermons & poems over the years, as well as some new supplemental materials.

Mr. Horseshoe: building a new wooden deck with his dad in our backyard.

Me: landscaping the rest of the yard. The main challenge for that is that we have a budget of approx. $0. Luckily, the Other Shoe’s parents have a yard that’s gotten overgrown, so we’re digging all sorts of bushes and saplings out of their yard and planting them in ours. It’s win-win.

<Pam> Win-win-win. </Pam>

My ongoing TSA* project.

I’m on year two of the project and constantly battling furniture and other things that Mrs. Bubbadog is storing for when the remaining Bubbapups graduate from college.

I still have my workshop to do which most desperately needs some seriously medieval action to be anywhere near useful. My encouragement is that I plan to create an area where I can try my hand at building or doing luthier work on guitars.
TSA -* T**hrow Shit Away

Building raised beds for vegetable gardens in the back yard. Found out yesterday that my battery-powered circular saw has the balls of a pissant.

Work: I’m upgrading my company’s technology infrastructure (Active Directory upgrade)

Home: I’m finishing a rock garden that I started a couple years ago, and just starting the yearly project of getting the garden in order for summer.

Personal: I’m wrapping up my indoctrination into the Masons.

Education: I’m studying for my last exam for my MCITP-Enterprise Administrator certification (this is a technical certification from Microsoft which represents a decade of work and study in Information Technology).

Plus several smaller projects…

Home: throwing out enough crap so we can hire a cleaner to clean the remaining crap. Also, looking for someone to re-edge all our flower beds. Sure, I could do all that stuff myself, but it isn’t easy when I’m working full time and breastfeeding. Though I am planting vegetables and herbs again this year. My son loves doing it every year and I love having the fresh produce in my back yard.

Work: becoming an expert on healthcare reform (ugh) and implementing it.

Personal: writing like the devil to ready another manuscript I’m shopping to my editor. Also, walking or doing something active every day.